Thursday, May 2, 2019

Wellness Wednesday Rite-Aid Stuff

May is the second month now when there were no Load2Card Wellness Wednesday Only coupons again.

No more wonderful opportunities to stack both L2C WWQs with the paper WWQs in the store(+ ManuQs for items if available)for overage and lots of freebies anymore.

I never understood why R-A made the WWQs digital anyway.  I know there are many Senior Citizens who are computer savvy but I think the last age group a company would go after with techy Qs would be this age category? ;-)

I got a couple freebies on the WW table when I went into the store...........

a sample of a new Band-Aid product and 2 samples of a L'Oreal cream w/Qs.
In other news our Wellness Ambassador is moving to Texas!  I doubt she will be replaced with a new Wellness Ambassador so the paper WWQs may be a thing of the past once she leaves.
She's a great person but she's leaving the state for new opportunities.  I am sad to see her go but I wish her all the best.  8-)))

Anyway I figured out a couple of things that would be a moneymaker on Wellness Wednesday so I bought this...........

2 x Thermacare on sale BOGO50%=$11.38
2 x Centrum on sale BOGO50%=$19.03

Coupons Used
2 x $3/1 Thermacare IPQ=$6.00
2 x $3/1 Thermacare WWQ=$6.00
2 x $2/1 Centrum IPQ=$4.00
2 x $4/1 Centrum WWQ=$8.00
Coupon Total.....$24.00

$30.41-$24.00=$6.41 OOP paid with Bonus Cash and earned $10 in new BC(these items were part of a Deal this week "Spend $30/Get $10 in BC".

Except, something went very wrong.
I had $11.71 in BC on this card and I think the cashier hit the "use my points" button on the register before she finished scanning all my Qs.  At some point I was left still holding 3 of my Qs and the cashier was telling me I owed $1.70 cash as she had applied ALL my BC already.

So I added a candy bar(.59¢)and my total was $2.29 and she took another $2/1 Q to use.  My total was now .29¢OOP and I still had $5 in Qs yet to use.
I paid the .29¢ w/one of my many R-A gift cards and went to find the manager.

We put our heads together and yep, the cashier had "prematurely ejaculated my Bonus Cash" onto this transaction and had used all the BC before using all my Qs. lolz

Instead of returning everything and re-ringing the transaction I had planned to do, she just went ahead and did a "post coupon" sale for my $5 in Qs and handed me the cash.

So my transaction looked like this in the end..........

I paid $11.71 in BC, .29¢ on a gift card and got back $10 in new Bonus Cash and $5 in cash for the Qs not used.
I will also get $5 in cash rebates on Saving Star($3 Thermacare, $2 Centrum)for buying 1 of each of these items which makes me $8 ahead in the end on this.

($12 total in BC/gift card spent, $10 in new BC earned, $5 for Qs, $5 in cash rebates=$8 overage)

Oh how I will miss those Wellness Wednesday of the good ol' days......*sniff, sniff*



  1. Did you get 20% off bogo 50% off or only the 50%. My store said they take the higher percentage so no extra 20% off. Hope this goes thru my last comments have not. Have a great da. Joyce

    1. Hi Joyce,
      You mean the 20% off discount for Wellness Wednesday or the Gold Wellness level discount, right? No, that 20% off only applies if the item is regular priced, not on sale prices so if something is BOGO50% you don't also get another 20% off. HTH

    2. Thank you. Joyce

  2. Awesome post.


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