Friday, January 4, 2019

Frugal Friday.....the January 4th Edition

Let's take a look at the frugality that happened around here during the first week of January 2019.......

*   Last Friday I headed to Weis for the Fantastic Friday Deals.......

These jars of fruit were BOGOF and I paired the sale with a couple of  ManQs which meant I paid $1 each for them.

I picked up this whole eye roast for $2.50 lb., a fabulous price!  I'll cut this in half and have 2 big roast meals sometime this year.

Weis also had this artisanal Sauerkraut on sale for .67¢ a jar when you bought 3.  Since St. Pat's day will be here before you know it and I have 2 corned beefs in the freezer this purchase will come in handy for March.  Plus Hubs like kraut on his hot dogs so IF there is any leftover after that, he'll make quick work of this. ;-)

*  I found money.....or so I thought..........

While in Rite-Aid I spied a penny on the floor but as I approached it, it turned out to be a kid's play money.
Whomp whomp

*  I got the Friday Freebie at Weis last week.............

A jar of dill pickles.  We will definitely eat these.

*  I hit the 75% off clearance for Xmas stuff at Rite-Aid and Weis.
First Rite-Aid............

After taking stock of wrapping supplies on hand, I picked up 1 box of Xmas cards, 2 bags of bows, 1 package of gift boxes and 1 container of gift containers.  I also bought the holiday wrapped hand soap pumps as they were .82¢ each.
But no wrapping paper was picked up for cheap.   I went through the wrapping paper we have and was able to send 4 rolls off to Salvation Army(or it might end up on the local FB site being given away for free).  It's all kiddie themed paper we don't use anymore.

I also bought ahead for next Xmas some gifts at 75% off......but I can't show any of that in case certain people are snooping on the blog.  ;-)

But I can show y'all all this.........

Chocolate, hot cocoa mix and beauty sets I picked up at R-A for cheap to put into Giveaway Boxes in 2019....woohoo!

And at Weis I picked up this stuff........

The wine gift bags(for us as we were out of those)were .50¢ each, the Kisses were $1 a bag(for next year's fudge making), the Panettone for $2(that's a gift), the fudge kits for .50¢ a box after a doubled coupon(for cheap sweets during the year).  The ginbgerbread air fresheners were $1 each(and are for next Xmas)but the Hershey's Gold bags?......the Hershey Gold bags cost me .25¢ each after their $1 price and my doubled coupons and they are also for putting into Giveaway Boxes this year! 8-)))

*  And I pillaged Rite-Aid on Wellness Wednesday as I already posted about..........

First my few samples from the Wellness table.

And then all the goodies they paid me $$ to take home.............

And some of this too will be going into Giveaways during the course of this year!

*  I cashed out all my rebate app monies in mid December.  As of today I have $15.85 in Ibotta, $8 in SavingStar and the $12.50 I carried over from 2018 in Checkout51.

It was a great start to 2019 in terms of discounted goods and/or freebies....not such a great start for finding change. lolz

What frugal wins did y'all have last week?



  1. I put that fake money there just to make you bend over. I would kill someone for a piece of chocolate right now.

  2. You got some good deals there! Too bad the play money was fake.

  3. I am not going to kill anyone for chocolate ___at least not yet. Got to get past these first few days restarting keto before I can begin making any keto treats, (which might be an oxymoron)
    Looking at your chocolate stuff does make me a little uncomfortable though.

  4. I have looked at holiday clearance and its still at 50% off. I will check again next week.

  5. It all looks wonderful! You’re still the queen of deals!
    I got some chocolate after the holidays but not as cheap as you. I also picked up a few small things for the grandchildren for next Christmas. I love it when that happens!


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