Sunday, November 11, 2018

Thank a Veteran & Christmas Card Swap

Today is Veterans Day so if you have someone in your family or a friend or see someone wearing insignia that indicates they are a veteran, during your daily travels, please be sure to thank them for their service.

Here's a photo of my Grandfather and his men during WWII.  He's the one in front center with the mustache.  He served in both the European and Pacific theatres.

We got our first real frost last night.  No spit snow a bit yesterday too.

I've got to start cleaning the house today as Elder son and his GF will be arriving next weekend for a couple of days.  I've also got to come up with a real nice meal for while they are here since they won't be here on Turkey Day and I am NOT going to cook that meal twice in one week(not a big enough fan of turkey to do so). 

I've also got to get the fridges in order(ie-leftovers eaten and cleaned out)so I can fit the bird in there soon.  And I need to figure out what I still need to buy(besides the turkey) the top of my head, it won't be much.  ;-)
I will be going to Target this week as they have their "Get $10 GC wyspend $50 on Food Deal".  I sent for a $50 Target GC a few weeks ago paying for that with our credit card points.  Get $10 GC for spending a "free" Target GC?  Yes, please!! 8-)

Also on the agenda this week is a trip to the Food Bank to drop off a car load of HBA/cleaning products .
We'll probably do that the same day we go out to The Christmas Tree Shoppes with Hubs.  There is one North of here about 30 min away now and I'v'e never been to one.  I probably won't buy anything but we are just going there to get out of the house and window shop.  We'll probably eat lunch out that day too.

Oh, and there will be a trip to Dollar General for some Taco Bell GCs as they are discounted at that store this week.
And of course, there will be a trip to, where else?, Rite-Aid......lolz

Lastly, head on over to Anne's blog, "Cooking and All That Jazz" to find out about entering her Christmas Card Swap.  She's done this for a few years now.  It's open to bloggers as well as blog readers so go join in! 



  1. I am secretly so glad someone besides me is stuck cleaning. Need a list?

  2. Cool beans on the Taco Bell discounted cards.

  3. As a Navy vet, I thank you for taking the time to remember those of us who have served. I'm spending the day doing some reorganizing and (my favorite task!) reviewing our budget.

  4. As a long time New Englander, we have had
    Christmas Tree Shoppes for decades. Trust me,
    they are hard to just window shop. Also I try
    to stay out of them after Thanksgiving as the
    longs can be a mad house thru Christmas. Have
    fun browsing....

    Gerry T.

  5. I enjoy always hearing about WWI veterans

  6. The National WWI Museum and Memorial are here in KC. We spent the evening there. It was cold but worth it. The tower was covered in projected poppies and I found my Great Grandfather’s brick. What an incredible experience.

  7. What's up, always i used to check weblog posts here early in the morning, as
    i like to find out more and more.

  8. Ugh cleaning house. I just went through that and now I get to do it again. I need a magic wand.


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