Friday, November 30, 2018

Frugal Friday....The November 30th Edition

Taking a look around Chez Sluggy, this is what I'd call our frugal wins this past week.......

* I am considering changing my nickname from Sluggy to Money Magnet after all the change I found this week!

On Tuesday while out in a town South of us Hubs and I stopped at Walmart there to look for Xmas lights.  On the way out I found .6¢ on the floor.

Then on Wednesday while crossing the parking lot at Weis I spied this dime on the crosswalk.

Later that day leaving Rite-Aid I saw .23¢ strewn on the little landscaped area by the walkway near the door.
That .39¢ is now safely tucked into my change envelope.  8-)))

*  I hit Weis(PMITA)Markets the day after Thanksgiving for a few Deal items and hit the Pumpkin Clearance foods jackpot........
Lots of pumpkin stuff for $1(though the Pumpkin Jello was .50¢ a box).

*  In the photo above is the Friday Freebie from last Friday-a cup of yogurt.  WOW...what a great freebie. hahaha

*  Hubs wanted a burger on Wednesday so while I was out I used the Burger King app on my phone to get him a Whopper for $1.  BK sent me a digital Q for that.  $1.06 for a Whopper with that Q vs. $4.23 for a Whopper w/out that Q.  Sluggy for the Win! lolz

*  I got an offer a while back from a vendor on Amazon for a free bottle of Turmeric Curcumin(as I had bought a bottle previously from them and they sent me a survey, which I filled out and for giving them feedback they sent me a code for a free bottle).  I redeem that code and received that free bottle this past week.

*  Other than the clearance deals my best buys at the grocery store were these........
Got paid $1 to buy two Febreeze sprays at Weis.
Got 2 Krusteaz mixes(pumpkin clearance)for .50¢ total(after sale, coupon and SavingStar rebate).
Got 2 meat discount sticker marinated pork loins(over 3 lb. total), $18.74 reg. price for $6.48 after sale price and discount sticker.
A better than free package of Cottonelle TP because the cashier didn't' ring one up but pushed the Q through. ;-)

*  Better than free toothbruhses and toothpaste at Rite-Aid....

*  And better than free Rimmel make-up at a different Rite-Aid..........

That's about it from here............

What frugal wins did y'all have this past wek?



  1. Wow, what a great week you had, lots of found change and free stuff too. I use that Turmeric Curcumin too, so it's good to know that Amazon does that. We wanted to pick up the $1 BK Whopper too, but the BK we were at does not have the mobile ordering and wouldn't let us do it. But that's OK. We got a great deal on Hams yesterday. :)

  2. I'm hoping the CVS add tomorrow can be layered with some good deals and I might maximize my $11 CVS bucks I have. I just saw I earned a free Appetizer at Green Mill-I have some old gift cards so maybe that will be date night next weekend, super frugal. I'm living renewed sticker shock again now that it is so close to another four years of college. It will be hard spending any money without guilt, and I don't lie that feeling.

  3. Best deal was probably the inexpensive ski pants I bought myself at Costco - $60 or so less than in a ski shop. I also sold mine old (too small) pair for $15 on eBay, which makes the out of pocket really negligible. The reason it's my favorite frugal thing this week? Because, not being able to bend while skiing without your pants snapping open is. . . uncomfortable ;-)

    I also did a Home Depot gift card offer at our grocery store & earned $30 of rewards.


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