Friday, September 21, 2018

Frugal Friday.....the September 21st Edition

Let's see what frugalness went on here at Chez Sluggy this past week.......

*  I visited a couple different Rite-Aid stores this week(along with my own)to use up my Always Discreet Qs before they expired.........
 This transaction "cost" $12.60 in Bonus Cash and earned back $21.00 in new BC.

This transaction "cost" $20.16 in Bonus Cash and earned back $24 in new BC.

This transaction "cost" $17.50 in Bonus Cash and earned back $21 in new BC.
I have now maxed out the Always Discreet monthly deal on all 3 cards and have grown my BC a little bit in preparation for the Holiday Deals at R-A.
The Always pads and liners will be distributed thusly....given to the food bank(they take toiletry items and household goods), my sister in-law(who uses these)and some will stay here(because I am getting "that" old). lolz

*  I earned $11.70 in grocery cash rebates this past week, $10.45 on Ibotta and $1.25 on SavingStar.

*  Did the Mix and Match "Buy 6/Get $3 Off Instantly Deal" at Weis on Wednesday by buying this.........

4 x Perdue breaded chicken
5 x LOL butter tubs
2 x Breyer's ice cream
1 x Talenti dairy free ice cream
Cost before sale prices.....$44.52
Cost after sale prices......$31.92
Cost after coupons......$24.52
Cost after Qs/Instant $6 Off...$18.52(no tax)

I also did a Hormel Deal(did the chili in 3 transactions so all my Qs would double).....

10 x Hormel chili on sale $2 each=$20.00
Used 5 x .55¢/2 chili Qs which doubled to $1.10=$5.50
Paid $14.50
Got a $5 OYNO Catalina Q for spending $20 on select Hormel/Coke items.

I also found a bunch of clearance items on that trip(which were all at least 50% off).......

Lime Jello-large boxes
Orange Jello
Vanilla Pudding
Mounds dark chocolate Pudding
Furman's tomatoes with ancho chiles and cumin(will be great in taco meat filling!)
Reese's pieces for baking(small size bits)

*  Still picking tomatoes from the garden(as well as the lurking zucchini)......

We are up to over 102 lbs. for the Season with a few more tomatoes out there still to come.

*  Speaking of tomatoes, I used the previous week's batch to make pasta sauce with sausage which we had on Monday night with cheese ravioli. Nom Nom Nom

*  Last Friday the Freebie at Weis was an 8 oz. block of  cheese, which I of course went to get......
Free cheese?  Yes, please!!  8-)))
Don't forget to check your grocery store freebie this week!  Even if it's something you won't/don't use, you can always give it to the food bank or when some organization comes around to collect for the hungry/needy. ;-)

*  We went to the Grocery Outlet yesterday in the town West of us while we were out and about.........

Best deals were...
--Martin's tortilla chips, 3 bags for $5 or $1.67 per bag
--Stacey's bagel chips, .50¢ per bag
--Heinz Ginormous can of NE clam chowder(6-8 servings)for $1.99  I can't make clam chowder from scratch for that price!

*  While we were in that town, I finally used a $25 Giant gift card I've had for a few years(won it at an auction).........

They had a Spend $20 get $5 off Instantly Deal too on Hormel and Chi-Chi's products.  12 items came to $20 I used $5.20 in Qs(only the first of a specific Q doubles at Giant so 2 of my Hormel Qs didn't double)and the Instant $5 off gave me $10.20 in discounts making it $9.80 OOP for all 12 items.
They also had a "buy 5 select GM cereals/Get $5 off Instantly Deal".  Each box was $3 so 5 boxes came to $15.  I had 5 x .50¢/1 GM cereal Qs(1 was a duplicate so only 4 doubled to $1), so $4.50 in Qs and $5 off instantly gave me $9.50 in discounts making it $5.50 OOP for all 5 boxes.

The Starbucks coffee was on sale for $5.99 when you bought 3.  I had no Qs but I got back $1.65 per bag on Ibotta so the coffee after rebates was $13.02 or $4.34 per bag.

I also bought a Hellman's ketchup on sale for $2.99.  I got $1.50 on an Ibotta rebate and since I now bought 1 Hellman's mayo and a Hellman's ketchup I received a bonus $1.50 on Ibotta as well, making this ketchup -.01¢  ;-)

I also found a meat markdown of boneless skinless chicken breasts for $5.07(4.29 lbs. so $1.18 per lb.)and 2 packs of Johnsonville breakfast sausage patties marked down from $3.99 to $1.59.

After sale prices, coupons, instant discounts and my $25 gift card I spent $19.11 OOP and earned back $9.20 in Ibotta/SavingStar rebates on this shop so $9.91 spent in the end.

*  I did NOT buy anything at the big online fat lady website 50% off everything sale this week.  Yes, I put lots of stuff in my virtual shopping cart but I left everything in there and let the sale expire.  Sure, I would have liked a few new clothing items but I have not lost enough weight yet to justify so many new clothes and I still have a few things I bought during the last sale in the Spring that I haven't even worn(well, I really haven't gone anywhere since buying them either lolz)! 
Sure, we have the $$$ but it's not a need at this point, just a want so I didn't spend anything on that.

That's all I can think of this week.

What frugal wins did you have this past week?



  1. My best frugal deal this week came out of left field. My youngest, in 9th grade, decided she wanted to go to Homecoming with a group of her girl friends. She has been raised to be a smart shopper, especially since she has good taste but empty pockets lol. So she never complained when I suggested Plato's Closet-we've had good luck there in the past and they didn't disappoint. Found a beautiful, age-appropriate, black lace dress, tags still on, for $6. Six bucks people!!! She is going to wear my silver heels from a wedding I was in, and do her own hair and makeup. I will do her nails. The ticket is $15 but she gets a choice of T-shirt or hoodie that says Homecoming 2018 on it. So a few bucks to get pizza with friends beforehand and we are all set. Under $35, which is much cheaper than when her brother went last year(but he had a date-who is long gone, btw). It's almost been too easy so I fully expect it to snow or something to mess up the day lol! One of her friends paid $159 just for a dress...maybe if it was Prom, but not Hoco

  2. Go ahead and spurge a bit before your trip on a few newbie items for yourself. I look back at pictures and wish I had a few nicer things, though it was so darn hot I went for cool most days anyway. Great deals as always.

  3. It has been exactly a week, so it counts. I bought a 2008 Impala with less that 47K miles on it for $5000!

    The body is almost perfect! Inside, too.

    And, yes, an 88-yr-old woman had owned it. It had 17K miles on it when she bought it in 2009. This was to replace the totaled 2000 Malibu.

  4. I fill my shopping bag and then I ignore it just like you. I don't need any clothes!

  5. The 50% off sale is a scam. They raise all the prices the day the sale kicks in - last year I had items in my cart and was waiting to buy them when the sale kicked in - the day of the sale, the prices doubled and then you got 50% off. You can do far better.


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