Friday, April 13, 2018

Frugal Friday....Lucky April 13th Edition

Let's see what Frugal wins we had this past week........

* I already talked about the deals I got at the food stores this past week.

* Last weekend Big Lots had their 20% Friends and Family sale.  We picked up a few things we needed for the house anyway(mostly).  By waiting for this sale event it was nice to get it for cheaper too.
Here are some vinyl tablecloths to dress up the kitchen table for Summer and some socks for College Boy.

 We also picked up a set of fleece king size sheets for real cheap.  On clearance for $24 + $4.80 w/the 20% off so $19.20.  I also snagged some nice, heavyweight bath and hand towels on clearance + 20% off.  You can't beat that deal!!
A bath mat for our tub and some dog chews were also carted home, as well as 2 large boxes of wet dog food pouches for Chester.
We wanted to get a nice tea kettle too but they didn't have any at this store. 
At any rate even without that we did pretty well.

* It's suppose to be very warm the next two days so I've turned all the heat off and opened windows in the houses.
This is only a brief respite from the cold weather for us but I'll take the no heating on and a lower electric bill because of it.

* We stopped at the Lindt Factory Outlet on the way to Eldest son's apartment.  Some of their chocolates are very tasty and mostly ones you can't get in the stores in their prepackaged bags(hello Citrus Lime Truffles!!!)and ordering them online or even making up a mix and match personalized bag of what you like in the outlet store can be pricey.
I only bought the 1 lb. of the seconds truffles(they only had 2 kinds)which are much cheaper per lb.
I also bought 4 foil bunnies(2 for son and his GF and 2 to bring home)as all the Easter themed chocolate was 1/2 price their outlet price.
I believe this is the least amount I've ever spent at the Lindt factory chocolate outlet!lolz

*  That's about it for this week other than going to Rite-Aid this weekend.  I haven't been anywhere or spent much money this week.  Sticking close to home, reading, genealogy and working on projects.
I'm feeling a bit unlovable and down in the dumps today so I'll wrap this up now.

Did you have any frugal wins lately?



  1. Hang in there... I think we are all sick of this cold , yucky weather. Sunshine and warmth will do a lot to raise all of our spirits!

  2. menopause sucks... as it stands i was the furnace in our house last night... note to self, no Moolattes after 7pm.

  3. I hope you get to feeling better soon! Maybe when Winter leaves for good, you will fee better.

    Frugal shopping today: they had hubs shampoo 2 for $6, ( regular price $4.69 ea) and I used a $5 ECB. Felt pretty good only spending a buck!

    Tracking the shopping still, it's painful but eye opening.

    Feel Better!!!

  4. Eat some chocolate. Count your many blessings. Chocolate and remembering your blessings will make you feel better. Teddie

  5. Sorry you've been feeling down in the dumps. No frugal deals. Haven't done much shopping. Staying out of stores helps me save money!

  6. I'm sorry you are feeling unlovable and down in the dumps, Sluggy. I hope being able to open your windows will help. I love to get fresh air into the house whenever we can.

  7. My big win this week was finding coupons on a2milk with a $0.55 coupon on each half gallon, making milk "only" $8.79/gal.

  8. Best deal was on a large package of chicken drumsticks we'll easily get three measl plus leftovers out of. I also got some Cadbury buttons for 75% off, for alittle pick me up.

  9. Sorry you are feeling down in the dumps. It has been a h*** of a week here. I was able to go to a consignment sale today and got Rebecca 4 pairs of shorts, a t-shirt, a dress and a skirt for summer (as she has grown and has NO summer clothes!) and the boys 5 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts for $30. I call that a win! Have a good weekend. Hope you can enjoy some of this weather before it gets crappy again. :)

  10. Sorry you have the blahs. I would eat all of the chocolate but then I would feel worse after.


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