Monday, April 30, 2018

Last Minute Rite-Aid on Saturday

I needed to spend down/roll some Plenti Points still on my son's Wellness card/account so I bought this on Saturday in 2 transactions(trying to stay under 5 Qs per transaction).............

8 x Edge/Skintimate shaving gel/cream 20% Wellness disc.($2.79 but 2 were $2.87)=$22.48

I used 8 x $1.50/1 Skintimate/Edge IPQs=$12.00

$22.48-$12.00=$10.48 + .64¢ tax=$11.12.
I paid with $11.12 in PPs.
I earned back $8 in Bonus Cash.

8 cans of shaving cream is a bit much but.......Summer is coming so there will be the need to shave those legs more.  Plus this is also something I can tuck into a giveaway box, right?
And else can you get 8 cans of shave cream for $3.12(which is what I "paid" after converting PPs to BC)?! 8-)))

I went in to Rite-Aid on Sunday to get the free Arm and Hammer toothpaste(there is a Q in this week's ad and it states that toothpaste is FREE after card and doesn't state a limit but if it requires your card it's probably a limit of 1 or 2 per card).

My store had none of this toothpaste on the shelf nor a place for it on the toothpaste aisle.

So I got a rain check.  Don't know if they are getting this product in just for this sale or what but I'll check back on Friday when the truck comes in to my store.
If this isn't a product they usually stock maybe I can get them to give me a different Arm and Hammer type in it's place when I cash in that rain check.



  1. My store only had about 4 of those toothpastes this morning when I stopped by this morning on the way back from the school run. I only felt comfortable buying 1, but I did a quick sweep of the clearance shelf, where I found Reach toothbrushes for $0.25/each! I purchased all of the medium bristle ones they had (5). I also got some Cover Girl mascara, Altoids, xtra and Trident gum, taking advantage of the Bonus Cash offers. The Altoids I bought also had peelies on them! I stashed all of this away for gifts.

  2. Shaving cream doesn't go bad either so it is fine to have a bunch. I hate when they put something on sale and then don't even carry the product.


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