Friday, February 16, 2018

Frugal Friday......February 16th Edition

Let's see what the Frugal Fairy brought us this past week..........

*  I had Hubs pick up this freebie since he had to go by Weis(PMITA)Markets last Friday anyway.

I clipped a digital Weis Q in my account for a free jar of sauce.  Of course, the Q didn't come off when he used my card so he had to pay $1.50 for it and then go to the Customer Service desk to get his $1.50 back.  Management doesn't let CS know there is a freebie on Fridays so they hadn't a clue what he was talking about.
Get your shit together Weis Markets!!

*  I sold a lot on eBay for $40 on Sunday.  Two tubes of fancy pants shampoo that is no longer made-$20 a tube.  I got it at Rite-Aid awhile back for free after sales/Qs/PPs or +Up Rewards or whatever thing was given out at that time so pure profit after eBay/Paypal fees.

*  I  turned on F/B notifications for the Hershey Olympics promotion so every time Team USA wins a gold medal you can access a link to print off two copies of a Q for a free Hershey's Gold candy bar!
I also emailed the link to myself, ran upstairs, accessed my email up there and printed the Q 4 more times, twice from two different computers upstairs.  8-)))

The Q is for $1.50 off a bar not a FREE Q so if you find it for less then $1.50 make sure you have something else in your transaction to absorb the overage......which also means something else for free or cheaper.  ;-)
The problem now is to find any of these candy bars on the shelves around here before the Qs expire. lolz

*  Lots of freebies or better than free after sale/qs/bonus cash earned at Rite-Aid on Wednesday--bags of sugar-free chocolate, Orei candy bars and light bulbs.

*  Here are the best deals I got at Weis(PMITA)Markets this past week.....

L to R--
-Gorton's seafood was half price and you got an instant $2 off wyb3. Shrimp was $3.99, 2 x fish bags were $3.49 each so $10.97 subtotal.  After the $1/1 Gorton's Shrimp Q and $2 off instantly I paid $7.97 for all 3 items.

-4 x Huggies wipes, frozen Weis french fries(wanted a bag of veggies instead but they were out)and Polly-O string cheese sticks(so Daughter can make a stuffed crust pizza w/them)were $7.44 for all 6 items after instant $3 off wyb6 items, plus $2.50 in coupons I used-one .50¢ Q doubled/3 did not(and a digital .50¢ Q that doubled and also came off).

-The Yes! soup was on sale 3/$5 and I used 3 x .75¢Qs that doubled to $1.50 each so $5.00-$4.50=.50¢ for all 3 cans.

-The cashier didn't ring up my mushrooms(which I didn't know until I checked my receipt when I got home)which were on sale for $2 a carton.  This explains why the register wouldn't take the .50¢ Q I had for them and she had to put it through manually.  So I got paid .50¢ to buy those free mushrooms. lolz

-I had a Weis Q that was expiring that day for .75¢ a bag of Weis brand shredded cheese.  It wasn't on sale so would have cost me $1.19 after Q.  When I went to get a bag there was a sign that if you bought 2 cans of Hormel chili and the cheese you got $1.50 off the bag of cheese instantly.  I went round to the chili aisle and the Hormel chili was on sale for 2/$3....AND I had a .55¢/2 Hormel chilis Q(which doubles to $1.10 off).

So cheese $2.69+2 cans chili at $3=$5.69-instant $1.50 off cheese and .75¢ Weis cheese Q and $1.10 off chili=$2.34 for all 3 items total BUT I also had a digital Q for the chili evidently because another $1.10 came off(a .55¢ digital Q that doubled)so my 3 items cost $1.24 OOP in the end. ;-)

-I also had a Weis Q expiring that day for .50¢ a loaf of bakery French bread.  I snagged a 50% loaf on the day old rack for .95¢-.50¢Q=.45¢ for the loaf.

Plus these items I couldn't fit in the photo above---

-2 x 8 O'Clock coffee was BOGOFree so $2.74 a bag.  I used 2 x $1/1Qs so $1.74 a bag OOP.
Plus I received a $1 cash rebate on Ibotta for buying the Infusion type of that coffee so I am OOP $2.48 for both bags total.
They were out of the Caramel Macchiato College Boy likes so I got a rain check for more and held onto some other Qs I had for the coffee for later use when his flavor is back in stock.

-I had a $2.50/1 Nutella 13 oz or larger Catalina I had gotten at Xmas time expiring that day so I picked that up too.  It was on sale for $2.99 so it cost me .49¢ total after the Q.

My coupons were all messed up and I was credited with $24.30 in Qs even though it should have been only $21.70 in Qs.  I had 2 digital Qs come off(and double)plus  another wipes Q doubled(even though they say on them do not double)plus I got .50¢ off for mushrooms I "didn't buy". lolz
I guess it all evens out in the end as sometimes I get shorted on my Qs because of cashier inattentiveness and I just don't feel like going to CS that day and dealing with getting it made right.  Some days it's a big enough hassle just DOING the shopping and not having to also FIX the shopping. sigh

I also got another .25¢ cash back on Ibotta for buying anything in the store so $48.54 spent on $117.33 worth of groceries make a 58% savings rate plus $1.25 cash back so I am OOP $47.34 for everything I bought on Wednesday.  Pretty good considering I didn't get any Instant Discount meats this trip either.  8-)))

What's frugal wins have you had lately?



  1. I hope you and your son are feeling better. My flu lasted a full week but I am now back at 100%. Frugal wins? Cleaned my own carpets in 3 rooms for zero dollars as we had the machine and the soap and boy they do look better. Didn't spend any money this week except $26 on groceries and $45 on taking my Mom out for Valentines day lunch (we drank water, yes it is costly to eat out in Canada but she is worth it and hubby was away on a business trip).

  2. $20 for fancy pants shampoo??! d.ang! Someone must like it!!
    What kind was it?

  3. I took the $5 coupon, extra bucks maybe, and used it on a needed item at CVS. That was a good win for me. I have only bought the incredibly expensive a2milk this week, two expensive navel oranges, and a dabble of sale candy.

    1. And, I only went out of the driveway three times this week, so did not buy those days or expose myself to flu! I have had enough illness. The dabble I spent on Valentine's 50% off chocolate was only $2.

  4. My frugal win was staying out of my car. I really, really wanted to drive an hour away, to a much larger town, to hit up the thrift stores. I was strong. (Although, maybe a little whiny) And, I took a small job watching three small children, for an hour after school, for two or three days a week. This will fit in nicely until my Summer job starts and my husband gets called back to work full time. While I was in a mood, I walked six miles today, then came home and ate chocolate. (Which I bought at 50% off.)
    Saint Debbie

  5. Life is just busy and trying to keep ahead of next virus is a feat. No deals on my end, but not spending stupid money either. Hope you're on the mend.

  6. I found a wonderful outlet store, that is right down the street. I can walk there and get some amazing deals. They had a jar of dark chocolate nutiva for half the cost it would be at the other stores. Also, they had these organic crackers I like for about 40% less than the other store. Score and score.


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