Friday, March 18, 2016

What's Going on at Chez Sluggy Lately

*  We are well half over March now and the money is looking good.
Looking good despite having real estate taxes and the yearly sewage bill due this month. 8-)

To help offset these bills we had additional income this month----

2 stock dividend checks came in.
Our electric bill will be lower than usual for March due to this wacky warmer weather(though it is due to snow here this weekend).
A refund of a $314 medical bill for the Daughter we paid in February.  The doctor over billed so we got that money back.  Since I deducted it from February's income I get to add it back to March's income. 8-)
We also received our Federal tax refund this month.

*  Here is the extent of my shopping trips this week.  A trip to Rite-Aid for prescriptions led to this haul too......

Sale prices and/or 20% Wellness disccount combined with coupons and Plenti points earned back and rebates meant every single product was a moneymaker.

This all came to $23.02 with tax and I used Plenti Points to pay.
It also earned $27.00 in new Plenti Points.

I also got back the .67¢ I paid for the Cadbury Chocolate Egg in my Saving Star account, making this a $4.65 moneymaker.  8-)))

*  I brought a load from the toiletries stash down to the dining room to go through them and make up
another Giveaway Box.

Stay tuned for another giveaway coming up soon!

*  Hubs made a run to the local Shursave market this week for some groceries.  $9.25 was all that was spent so far this week.  I might actually stay under the food budget this month despite College Boy being home for a week and eating us out of house and home.

And that's about everything worth mentioning.  It's been a low key, quite(boring), stay-at-home kind of week.



  1. It seems like the madness was hitting us in waves. I'm hoping for calm seas for a while.
    I went to CVS and didn't do anywhere near as good as you but it seems that I am building my stash back up. And cheaply too. Den was telling me that all the markers are there for another recession so I might need to start hoarding toiletries.

  2. as I age I appreciate more a low key, quite(boring), stay-at-home kind of week.

  3. I need a boring week. I have realized boring is great.


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