Friday, March 25, 2016

Grocery Shopping This Week

Nothing too exciting here on the food front this week.
I went to Maine Source Tuesday after my mammogram and picked up a few things--

* 2 lb. asparagus @ $1.79 lb.
* 5 lb. russet potatoes $2.49
* 4 dozen eggs @ $1.29 doz.
* 1 lb. butter $2.49
* 5 lb. bag frozen veggies blend $5.99
I spent $19.84 total.

Some of the eggs and the frozen veggie blend is for Easter dinner.  I'm also going to whip some of the butter with honey to serve with the rolls for that dinner.
I made the asparagus Wednesday night for dinner and we'll eat on the leftovers later this week.....I love asparagus in season!
No plans yet for the taters but they'll get used eventually.

I also hit Weis(PMITA)Markets on Wednesday and bought this stuff...

* 6 lb. chicken thighs @.98¢ lb.
* 2.71 lb. ground beef @ $3.99 lb.
* 1 Roma tomato for .46¢
 There are a $3 discount sticker on the beef and a $2 discount sticker on the chicken so my $17.06 bills turned into a $12.06 bill which gave over a 40% savings rate over regular retail.
So I am $31.90 OOP for all groceries so far this week.

I had planned to go to Target Thursday on one of my rare trips to that store but something came up that kept me from going so I might have Hubs take me today as he is off from work.
There's a $10 Target gift card off wyspend $50 on food/beverage purchase Deal.  I have a $10 Target gift card to use(which was gotten free on another deal)plus I have another loaded Target gift card with $18+ left on it plus I plan on getting stuff that's on sale and I have my trusty coupons so this trip won't cost me anywhere near $50.  Some of what I want there is for serving for Easter(rolls, a pie, etc.)so I need to get there before Sunday.

I am at $222.56 for March so may squeak by under budget at the $300 level for food this month.  I don't have any hopes of coming in under my lower end $250 level however.

Ok, I want to ask y'all how do you prepare chicken thighs?
I have a few reccipes I regularly utilize for this cut of the bird.......a lemon peppered thighs with a zuke in tomato sauce dish, grill it with or without some kind of marinade first, grilled and barbecue sauced, or boil and break down into pieces for soups/stews/fajita filling.
I suppose I could fry them up too....that is, if everyone here liked dark meat fried chicken. lolz

Do you often cook chicken thighs and how do you prepare it/in what dish?

Send me some ideas folks!  I am getting rather tired of what I do with this cut.



  1. Lazy chicken thigh maker here. I pop in crock pot or roast in oven with a touch of seasoning salt. I'll sometimes use the met in something like chicken and dumplings or stew, but we are minimalists chicken eaters.

  2. Hi Sluggy, this is Chris. I am glad to see you got your mammogram. :) I don't usually make chicken thighs so no help there. Will be interested to see what others say.

  3. I love dark meat!!! I pretty much do the same thing as Sam. Nothing fancy. Sorry!

  4. Oh wait! Except for one time I made hot wings out of the Chicken thighs. So yes, I made hot thighs.

  5. Hi Sluggy, Barbie here, I read your blog and love it, but never commented. We love to grill chicken thighs or they are also great in stir fry or a quick sear and good on salads or in wraps!

  6. We usually crock pot thighs for chicken taco and enchilada filling.

  7. Lemon juice over thighs, top with onion sliced into rings, season with splash whte wine, black pepper, tarragon (and leave spent lemon wedge to bake in pan)if I have fresh mushrooms, I use them. I also sub leek/shallots/chive for onion.

    Chicken cacciatore over rice

  8. Have Den cook it. How's that for a recommendation!
    I wish I had your mad couponing skills. I just can't seem to put a great deal together like you can.

  9. I recall Indian cuisine often has chicken thighs in their recipes.
    Look yonder.

  10. - this is what I do - I love garlic/soy sauce and maple syrup together :)


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