Sunday, March 6, 2016

Let's Have a Foursome! Meme

Here's a Meme taken from Ur-Spo.
Something light and fluffy for a Sunday afternoon.  8-)

Four names I go by:  Sluggy(doh!), Dee, Denise, MOOOOOOM!!!

Four tunes I adore: (currently as this changes often) I couldn't limit it to 4 only......

Some French New Wave from the late 1970's.....

Also from the late 1970's/early 1980's.......

Ditto......can you tell yet where my head is at lately? lol....

Classic Little Feat...........

Classic Thorogood......

Another Beatles Classic tune.........

And for fun these two updated/topical versions of a classic song/little opera......

And something highly danceable.....

And back to the late 1970's again.........

Four things I hate:  sickness, bigotry, being cold, the death of someone I know and love

Four places I have worked: For Costume Designer in Brooklyn NY, at Mexican Restaurant in VA as waitress and part time cook, at Fabric Store in West Orange NJ as assistant manager, at The Virginia State Opera in Norfolk VA as a costumer

Four things I love to watch: art, cooking shows, live theater and music(sorry but ballet puts me to sleep), genealogy shows

Four places I have visited:  Tijuana Mexico, Moncton New Brunswick Canada, Los Angeles California, Niagara Falls NY/Canada-both sides

Four things I love to eat:  lobster, steak, cannoli, collards(cooked properly w/meat)

Four favorite drink:  dark craft beers(stouts and porters), properly made iced tea, kombucha tea, dark ginger ale

Four shows/plays:  this one is just too hard to choose given my previous occupation/college degree......The Man of La Mancha, Bells Are Ringing, Les Miserables, Sweeney Todd

Four things I am happily anticipating:  moving out of PA,  traveling, the end of Winter, becoming a grandma(tho that one is not happening anytime soon)

Four things I am dreading:  this political cycle, having more renovation work done, dieting, the actual moving process

Four items on my bucket list:  I don't need a stinkin' bucket list!

Four people I think will respond: Sonya Ann, McVal, Lorraine(if she finds some time), Kim(ditto).

Now it is your turn.  Copy and paste the meme and put in your own answers.



  1. Four names I go by: Carol, Mom, Momma, Madame
    Four tunes I adore: How to save a life by the Fray; Stitch by Stitch by Javier Colon; On top of the world by Imagine Dragons, With or wothout you by U2
    4 things I hate: elitism, rudeness, liars, politics
    4 places I have worked: college library in NY, inn in MA, GFox in CT, Stop & Shop in MA
    4 things I love to watch: Downton Abbey, Who do you think you are?, HGTV, almost anything on BBC America
    4 places I have visited: Cape Ann,MA; Charleston, SC; Orlando, FL; Montreal, Quebec, Cananda
    4 things I love to eat: European chocolate, roast turkey, tuna salad on toasted Jewish rye with seeds, warm homemade apple pie
    4 favorite drinks: Hazelnut coffee, real lemonade (no powder stuff), fresh brewed iced tea with lemon, homemade cocoa
    4 shows/plays: Oklahoma, A Christmas Carol, Fiddler on a roof, 42nd street
    4 things I am happily anticipating: Summer break, upcoming celebration of DS # 1's birthday, leaving my profession (too stressful), figuring out where our next abode will be
    4 things I am dreding: all of the end of the year reports and last minute added on responsibilities at work, moving preparations, the soon to arrive college acceptance/rejection letters for DS # 3, the strong possibility that I will have to relocate eventually away from my kids
    4 items on my bucket list: don't have a bucket list. If I decide to do something, I work towards accomplishing it
    4 people who I think will respond: Sluggy, Sandie, Connie, Nancy

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I so understand what you mean about your favorite tunes!

    1. Music is so central to my life who can choose just FOUR, right!?!?

  3. thanks for playing! I enjoyed your responses
    What is dark ginger ale? Please tell.

    1. Schweppes makes a dark ginger ale has a more pronounced ginger flavor. Give it a try if you can find it.

  4. LOVE me some George Thorogood . . . and with Elvin Bishop? WOO HOO! Oh, and Little Feat too! Thanks, Sluggy!

  5. have you ever had golden ginger ale? had it as a kid; it's hard to find. it's also extra gingery

  6. Holy freakin' sh*t! I used to love that wacky French song but I never knew who sang it. And Chris and I just recently watched the Talking Heads live after not seeing it for a long time and that song Heaven is so good! That CD is great to play when housecleaning. I too am dreading the presidential election. Ugh! And I don't have a bucket list either.

  7. I'm thinking about answers if I play along. Why have I not pucked up on yiur theatre past before? That was fun to learn.


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