Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More Lying and Rite-Aid Pain Deals

Back to Rite-Aid on Friday and bought on the other Wellness card...........

All the March Pain Deal items I bought on the first card, plus Joint Flex Cream....on sale for $17 but $16.79 with Wellness 20% Gold discount.
I had a $3/1 ManuQ to use with this one, making it $13.79 using Plenti Points and getting $17 back in new Plenti Points for buying it.

This lot cost me $52.85 in Plenti Points and earned back $66.00 in new Plenti Points, thus a $13.15 moneymaker.



  1. Have you posted about how much time you spend figuring out the deals and plans? I think I don't bother as I think it would take me too long to do the equations, so curious how you tackle. I should be at least doing the low hanging deals.

    1. Well I probably have more time(as I don't work outside the home plus I am a lazy housekeeper lol)to figure deals and I have a liking for math with dollar signs in front of it. lol
      But yes, the low hanging fruit as it were are easy to cherry pick(how's that for mixing two fruit metaphors?).
      Depending on what chain you use, find a deal website that lays out possible scenarios and then pick the ones that you can use those products. Even if you don't use it and it's free think about still getting it as the local food banks/shelters could benefit from it.
      I do Rite-Aid and get help with what to buy/what's free and cheap from I "heart" Rite-Aid, and the Krazy Coupon Lady site(sometimes).

      If I had to do this alone when I was just starting out I'd have been sunk. Now it's second nature. Once you get past the learning curve it's a piece o' cake.....

  2. I'm not sure whether to brag or what... I got my $100 worth of groceries Sunday at Sam's Club and got it for free... Because I'd been building up $10 for every $500 I spent there last year. YES... I spent over $5000 at Sam's Club alone last year... So... should I be ashamed or just pleased with myself that the dogfood + food stuffs were free?


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