Sunday, March 27, 2016

Late Week Rite-Aid Moneymaker

I made a late week trip to Rite-Aid on Saturday.

I wanted to figure out a way to use that $3 off $15 Hair care products Q that printed on my receipt last week.
Plus I still had a Tresemme $3/2 Q from last Sunday's inserts and I got a $5/1 Nexxus Rite-Aid Q in the mail on Friday.........

I activated a partner offer for $10 in points wyb 2 Sundown products on my Plenti card  and I printed off a $2/1 Sundown vitamin Q before we left to run errands and then I got this stuff.........

2 x Tresemme Beauty-full 'poos on sale=$10.00
1 x Nexxus 'poo 20% wellness discount=$5.91
1 x Sundown gummie viatamins on clearance=$5.14
1 x Sundown Lutein on clearance=$3.49

Coupons Used
1 x $3/$15 hair care products ReceiptQ=$3.00
1 x $3/2 Tresemme items ManuQ=$3.00
1 x $5/1 Nexxus item MailedQ=$5.00
1 x $2/1 Sundown vitamin IPQ=$2.00
Coupon Total.......$13.00

$24.54-$13.00=$11.54 + .44¢tax=$11.98 Total

I paid with $11.98 in Plenti Points.
I earned $4 in new Plenti Points(the Tresemme and Nexxus qualified for the $4 on $12 weekly Deal), $3.99 in activated Plenti Points(buy 2 Beauty-full Tresemme items)and $10.00 in partner activated Offers Points(Buy 2 Sundown items) for a total of $17.99 back in points.
$11.98-$17.99=$6.01 "moneymaker".


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