Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happenings Lately and Stuff in My Head

*  First the Rite-Aid

Purex detergent is $1.99 a small jug at Rite-Aid this week.
Pair that with $1/2 Qs from the Sunday inserts and a Spend $15/Get $4 Back cash rebate with Saving Star and it makes for some really inexpensive suds.
And then I paired the 2 jugs I bought earlier this week with 2 moneymaker March Pain Deals to get all this for free.

2 x Purex on sale=$3.98
1 x Joint Flex 20% discount=$16.79
1 x Similisan 20% discount=$8.79

Coupons Used
1 x $1/2 Purex ManuQ=$1.00
1 x $3/1 Joint Flex ManuQ=$3.00
1 x $1/1 Similisan Product IPQ=$1.00
Coupon Total.....$5.00

$29.56-$5=$24.56 + .18¢tax=$24.74 OOP

I paid with $24.74 in Plenti Points and earned $26.00($17 Joint Flex, $9 Similisan)back in new Plenti Points making this a $1.26 moneymaker.

And I have $3.98 tracking for the Saving Star rebate.
I'll go back and get 6 more jugs this week(or rain checks if they are out)and finish off this Rebate.
After sale/Qs/rebate 8 jugs of detergent will end up costing me $9.62 in Plenti Points.  No cash spend OOP.

*  I went to pick up College Boy on Saturday.  After riding in the car for 2.5 hours I was forced to use his dorm suite's bathroom.  With two 20 year old males sharing it, I knew it wouldn't be pretty.
It wasn't quite as dirty as last Spring when I picked him up for break.  Here's the bathroom waste basket as it appeared in March 2015...........

This time the bathmat I sent with him in the Fall was a disaster.  You couldn't see the blue color for the black mold covering it.
Ewwwwww!  "Well", I thought, as I sat using the toilet and contemplating the rug, "At least we won't have to haul that home when he moves out.". ;-)

*  Since we have a sizeable chunk of retirement money we are all the time getting "invitations" in the mail to a free lunch, mostly to Ruth Chris' Steak House locally.  The caveat being we had to sit through a sales presentation by some financial peddler while we choke down that free steak as they want to talk us into letting them get their hands on our assets because they know they can best manage them for us.....after they take their cut of fees and commissions for investing it wisely for us.

But we got something a little different in the mail recently....

"You are invited to the most Important Retirement Summit of 2016" it says.......

Should I feel honored for this invite?

It's just a supposedly free lunch and talk by that IRA guy who pops up on PBS now and again, hawking his books and dvds as a "reward" for a rather large donation to your local PBS channel.

But no, this supposed free lunch is NOT free!  A $50 "donation" is required at the time of registration to attend once you read the invite.
"There is no additional cost or obligation and nothing will be sold." it reads as well.

Nothing may be sold at this lunch but it is being sponsored by an area financial instruments seller so you KNOW they are trying to drum up business and SELL you something!
The Ed Slott talk will be the same old stick you can see on PBS and you'll be paying $50 to charity for that and a sad business the sponsoring business gets to feel good and reap the benefits of giving your $50(and all the other attendees $50)to charity.
How nice of them.....geez, they must be good financial advisors, right?  ha

Be wary of anybody giving you a free lunch in order to get their hands on your retirement monies.
Are they giving you free financial advise only or are they actually trying to sell you financial instruments?
Here's a better for financial advise from licensed certified financial planners and NOT financial products sellers.

*  And we just sunk to a new low in the "Folks who want to get ahold of our money and 'help' us" Category.
We just received our first phone solicitation by a financial investments seller.  A subsidiary of NY Life wants to reach out to us and "help" us with our retirement assets.  Great!  Now I get to dodge phone calls from these bastards too and not just through the mail.

*  And in other news we took College Boy out for his Birthday meal to the local Hibachi Restaurant.
And yes that little kid at the other end of the table has a mohawk.  Don't be surprised, his dad had a tongue stud, piercings other places, massive tattoos and ear gauges.

And we sing Happy Birthday to him, though the only one you can hear on this is me! lol

This is the place that squirts sake into your mouth from a bottle.

You may remember my post the first time we went to this place back in 2011.
I blogged about it HERE.

Luckily for all involved our chef didn't pull a rubber chicken out of his hat so things didn't get very ugly that night.
I did take sake shots from a squirt bottle however.
Noah can't have the sake yet so he got the Lemonade baby bottles squirt.  Next year though he turns 21...he can't wait!

We sat at the grill with a family of 5(3 kids).  The mother has aspirations of being a My Little Pony I think.  I didn't get a picture but her hair looked just like this........

Honest to goodness I didn't know this was a "thing" until I googled it. lolz
She had to be in her late 30's this woman and was wearing cut-off jean shorts(more nothing than shorts)with her ass cheek hanging out and the cellulite of her legs on display for all to see.
Classy lady.

*  I had Hubs stop in at Walmart while he was out last weekend to buy this.......

A box of a tea I like.  There was a $1 off Q on the Good Earth website.  Tea cost $2.48 at Wal-mart-$1=$1.48 OOP.
There is/was also an Ibotta Rebate for $1.25 off of 1 box of any flavor of GE tea.  I grabbed Hubs smartphone and sent for that rebate so my box of tea in the end will cost .23¢.
Sweet......and Spicy. lol

*  The dumpster guy came and hauled off the construction waste on Wednesday.  He put what looked like a shower cap/hair net over the dumpster before picking it up onto the truck and driving away.
Hubs did add in a few larger items to the dumpster that had been sitting in our basement for years before they took it off.  Might as well fill the thing up since we paid for it anyway, right?

You will also notice in that shot that the "Behemoth" RV is NOT parked in the neighbors driveway!  They drove it off almost 2 weeks ago but if they are staying in it, it must be at a campground nearby because their cars keep coming and going at odd intervals to and from their house.  School is not out on break and the teenage daughter is staying at the house sometimes and going to school in the mornings I guess.
These people have always been odd but I am just glad that their RV is NOT here for however long that lasts!

*  The local high school has adult education courses each spring and we got a brochure recently.

You can pay $21 and go learn how to color.
WTF?  I just don't get this whole adult coloring book thing!
I didn't like to color in coloring books as a kid....I found them too restrictive and boring.....why on earth would I pay someone to let me color now?

They also had this course.........

Now THAT'S the course I should sign up for......just to be the smartass in the room who challenges what this instructor/amateur says. lolz
And why on earth does this "instructor" have to say he's a CPA?!?  It has nothing to do with the subject matter he is teaching.  It just lets people know that he is boring and this class will be a snoozefest....... ;-)

*  I took a ride down to the town South of us as the Weis(PMITA)Markets there now carries beer.

Chocolate Truffle Stout?  I might have to try that one......

I wonder if my Eldest Son has tried this?  He likes spicy hot stuff.......

Ah, this one called to my inner Viking........but not at $14.99 a 6-pack.

And then I saw this car parked next to me in the lot.............

Each side of the car was covered in insulting phrases appropriate to people who drive badly and talk/text on phones while driving.
Ah, a person after my own heart.
This might just have given me an idea or two........lolz

So what stuff and nonsense has been going on lately in your world?



  1. Good Earth Spicy and Sweet is my favorite! I kerp at home and office. You see a wide variety of people in life.

  2. Your college bathroom experience is another reason I am happy Son3 has to fly home for spring break. What I don't know can stay out of sight and memory!

  3. I LOVE Good Earth Tea!!!!
    And I also know women like that my little pony chick... Well, not very well, but I gawk at them from across the store.

  4. I look at those adult coloring books and think "they would drive me crazy". They are too busy for me which would make them "not relaxing" for me.


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