Sunday, April 12, 2015

Where Is It Worth Visiting?

I saw this article on Yahoo this morning.......HERE.

It's a Yahoo Travel survey where they asked people what they thought were the most "Overrated Cities". 

I am sorry to tell you Sonya Ann, but these folks named your favorite, Las Vegas, as the most overrated city in the world.

Rounding out the Top 3 Most Overrated in the survey were New York City and Miami, respectively.

I have never been to Vegas or Miami but I have been to NYC on many occasions.
Heck, I almost went to graduate school there!
Plus I worked in Brooklyn for a couple of years.
I must say as far as Manhattan goes I am NOT a fan.

Of the places I have visited I'd put on this list.......most are not major cities since I tend to NOT go to those(my preference)......

*New York City (Noisy, dirty, expensive, crowded)
*Niagara Falls, NY (The American side is pitiful.)
*Myrtle Beach, SC (Hated, HATED it!)
*Ocean City, MD (Nothing but schlock for miles but we go back every Fall....what does that say about me?)
*Any place in NJ (LOLZ...hey! I lived in NJ for 3 years.)
*Gatlinburg, TN(miles of tourtisy schlock for has ruined this place)
*Columbus, OH(breaking down there may have something to do with my POV on this one)
*San Diego, CA(crowded, hot, and rude people)
*Dallas, TX(very hot in Summer, polluted, crowded)
*Wilkes-Barre, PA(a big depressing grey slag pile of a place overrun with NYC criminal elements)
*Scranton, PA(a big depressing grey slag pile of a place like W-B, but with nice highways)
*Toronto, Canada(traffic and a tall tower and they don't sell biscuits in McDonald's for breakfast because a biscuit up there is a cookie....meh)

If you live in one of these places I am sorry if I offend.....and you have my pity. ;-)

So what places have you been that didn't live up to the hype and why?



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    1. Not living hot muggy weather and big bugs? lol

  2. Biscuits are difficult to come by in any Canadian city - unfortunately. I have to make my own :) I agree Niagara Falls sucks but I've only been to the Canadian side so think it is just as tacky as the American side. The best thing about it is the falls itself.

    1. I wonder why that is Cheapchick? I thought biscuits were a universal food. lolz
      The CDN side of the Falls is more touristy/schlocky, the US side of the Falls is just old abandoned buildings and some outlet malls. That was my experience back in the late '90's/early 2000's.

  3. Although I agree with you on W-B and Scranton being not so great cities, I disagree that the predominance of criminals are from NYC. I heard that constantly after I relocated there from NY, yet my friend Tammy was murdered by 2 homegrown NEPA lowlifes as you know and Donnie Skiff (who worked with my husband and was a really great guy) was also murdered by two area creeps. I think one was named Elvis. I never had friends who were murdered when I lived in NY. Just sayin.

    1. Yes, there are a multitude of homegrown NEPA crimimals(as well as corrupt govt.)but add in the drug trafficking that has been augmented by NYC crime syndicates and it's just too too much for one area. They did an article in the paper today about how many times each Turkey Hill has been robbed around W-B. I guess it was a slow news week for corrupt local politicians. lolz

  4. This is a fun blog post, "So what places have you been that didn't live up to the hype and why?" You make me giggle.

    I did not like Cleveland. When my hubby and I visited it seemed largely yet strangely desolate, I swear 80 percent of the people in the city that we came across were homeless folks, and we couldn't find a single restaurant that looked appealing (that was many years back). I did not like Atlanta, the only thing we liked about it was the Coke factory (love Coke) and nothing else left any sort of an impression. I did not like Milwaukee but practically every road surrounding the city was under construction when we went so the place was virtually impossible to get into or get out of for the concert we were going to see. We both vowed to never return there.

    I will say though, on a brighter note, I LOVED Seattle, like Nashville, NYC seemed very dirty but we really liked it there, and I live somewhat near to Chicago, thus have visited on many an occasion and I love Chicago as well.

    1. Oldest son goes to Cleveland often as he lives in Pittsburgh. They see concerts there and go to one of his favorite breweries(Great Lakes).
      I haven't been to Atlanta since I was about 10 but I hear it's wall-to-wall traffic now.
      I can vouch that Milwaukee roads are in horrible condition(was there last July)....I never thought I'd get out of there! lol
      I am on the fence about Chicago....I"ve been there a few times but driving around it is a NIGHTMARE! lolz Haven't been to the Navy Pier yet.

    2. Chicago traffic is horrid! I totally agree but we can take the cheap train in from Michigan city, IN (they have free parking at the Michigan city lot) for like $8 or something close to that and that makes traffic a no factor. Otherwise we drive in, park and then not get back to the car until we're outta there (they have pretty great public transit... NOT taxi's). We tend to stay over if we go to Chicago. And Milwaukee, honestly, we thought we were trapped there for the rest of our lives, it was a labyrinth. The road construction left such an impression that we really both vowed, NEVER AGAIN! We were also late to our show because we couldn't figure out how to get into the darn city with all the construction.

      Yeah, we were in Cleveland for at least two days and just did not like it but again, that was probably about a decade ago. We have a ton of REALLY great breweries popping up all over Michigan too so it's easy to find a great micro brew stout around here.

    3. Craft Beer stout? Do tell.....I'm there! lolz

  5. Every major city has it good and bad points. Dallas is very hot in the summer and polluted like many big cities, but it has LOTS of wonderful things too. Not offended, but I would move back there in a heartbeat compared to Houston. Stick to National Parks and some State Parks. Gorgeous, calm.

    1. I guess it depends on your frame of mind at the time you visit and what you like about going places(natural beauty vs. manmade amusements vs. cultural stuff). I tend to like oddball places, off the beaten path, without lots of people.

  6. Another place I didn't see the big deal over was Martha's Vineyard.
    The ferry was interesting over but don't EVER expect a Southern type beach in New England.....more of a rocky shore than a sandy beach.

  7. I don't go to any city for the hype, but to visit people or, in the case of Athens, attending a conference with a friend. Athens was dirty, hot and suffocating. The air pollution made it difficult to breathe. Walking along the street and seeing "ancient ruins" was pretty cool, though. We cruised to a couple of islands, which were touristy, but we looked beyond that, and the sites were great anyway. It would have been nicer if we had someone we knew show us around. In the evening, the police wielding automatic machine guns "defended" the city's corners. We happened to venture out on the subway - not very far - to see what we could see. We came out to a street flea market. That was a nice treat. The doors were interesting, and we took many pictures of them. We will probably never have the opportunity to go so far away from home again, and we have treasured that experience. Columbus, Ohio was/is my home. I was born there, lived and worked there for many years. Knowing a city is very different from visiting without knowing someone. Not knowing what to do or where to go in a new and different city is often so discouraging. I hate to resort to going to chain stores and restaurants when vacationing or where I live, for that matter, but there is comfort in doing that when you need it. Visiting places you don't know requires a plan, but it also requires you to roll with the punches, so to speak. I don't care to go to tourist attractions. I expect crowds and wasting a lot of time waiting. Also, I can't blame a whole city for being disappointing when I am responsible for my own entertainment and enjoyment. If you aren't having a good time in one place, there is another. Figure out what you need and expect before you go. One time we broke down on the freeway in the middle of "nowhere". The tow truck guy dropped us off at a hotel and we moped a little, but we had CABLE TV (which we didn't have at home!) and could walk to a Chinese restaurant nearby. The next day, the tow truck guy picked one of us up to get the car. On the way, she noticed the fabric store. Another nice thing that happened was that our 10-12 hour drive was split into two days, which was a blessing that we had never taken advantage of! It all works out in the end, and it depends on how you roll with what you are given. We have decided that wherever we are, we can't have a bad time, because we are together, and together we are more willing to have adventures! So, it's all about attitude and how you choose to enjoy what you have.

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    1. You're been to Narnia, wait, and didn't like it?

  9. I hated Hawaii. We were in Maui and Hawaii. Overpriced, people were rude.

  10. I didn't like Austin Texas, many people love Austin, I am not into the live music and bar scene and Texas politics scare the crap out of me, there is not much else there. I like San Antonio - about 100 miles away. I didn't like Amsterdam, I have been there twice and just don't get the city (I also didn't go there to indulge in the local "specialty." I like cities, and understand that most cities need to be visited without a car (DC or Chicago traffic won't bother you if you don't try to drive,)

  11. I kind of echo the opinion that you have good and bad in every city, though I really do not like Vegas. I think Vegas is the cigarette capitol of the world and I just don't like the smell of the smoke. (Or the way it clings to me as I try to evade it) I actually like Manhattan, but I do avoid midtown. I can't think of anywhere we have traveled that has underwhelmed me totally.

  12. Thank you for the linky love!!!
    And I have to say that I love Vegas but maybe it has to do with who you are with and what you want to do. I'm not hard to please and just getting away from the cold weather is such a gift. And I love feeling spoiled with the cheap flights, free rooms and food. But I do understand how it could not be everyone's cup of tea.


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