Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Shopping Day

With the sun shining I set off to do a bit of grocery shopping.
First a quick stop at Rite-Aid.......yes, I said Rite-Aid.......

With my 20% wellness discount this was $4.23.
Then I stacked 3 coupons.....a $1/1 ManuQ(sunday paper), a $1/1 R-A in-ad Q and a $2/1 VideoValues Q from March.
$4.23-$4=.23¢ = .02¢ tax=.25¢ OOP.

I didn't even get to use any of these +Up Rewards I still have.

Next it was to Maine Source, the local restaurant supply store.

No photo of the goodies since I forgot to take one before I put them all away, but I got......
1 Gal. no-calorie peach iced tea
1/2 Gal. milk
2 lb. block of Cheddar
1 lb. liverwurst(hubs lunchmeat)
1 lb. asparagus
3 lb. bag red onions
5 lb. bag red potatoes
3 12oz. packs of mushrooms
3 1 lb. packs of strawberries
1.30 lb. salmon fillets
1 pack of grape tomatoes
1 English cucumber
2.32 lb. sweet potatoes
4 large lemons
2 lb. bag of raw shrimp
2 dozen eggs

After the emailed $5 off $50 order Q I paid $60.02 OOP.
Regular retail of $93.27 on this haul.

Then it was over to Target.  I had a $10 gift card wyb $50 of food Coupon and I needed a ham......

3 x McCafe coffee on sale $6.99=$20.97
1 x Archer Farms spiral ham $1.99lb=$19.14
1 x Archer Farms coffee on sale=$5.99
1 x Edwards key lime pie on sale=$4.99
2 x dozen eggs on sale=$1.98
1 x box cake mix clearance=$.62
1 x  bottle cooking wine clearance=$1.32

Coupons Used
3 x $1.50/1 McCafe IPQ from 1st Taste Kraft program=$4.50
1 x $1/1 Archer Farms coffee Target IPQ=$1.00
1 x .75/1 Edwards pie IPQ=.75¢
Coupon Total.....$6.25


I used $15 in Target gift cards in my wallet and paid $33.76
I got back $15 in new Target gift cards($10 wys $50 and a $5 wyb3 McCafe products).

$33.76 for $67.17 worth of regular retail groceries so savings rate of 49.74%.
Not too bad.

I spent $93.78 on groceries.
It's just the 1st of the month and I only have $206.22 left for food in April already.
It sure goes fast......the money that is, doesn't it?

I don't/can't eat ham anymore but I guess 1 slice on Easter won't kill me.  I'll pack some of this up with the relatives when they leave and Hubs can have ham sandwiches for lunches.

What are you serving if you have Easter dinner at your house?



  1. Awesome haul! We're doing smoked turkey this year, I think...

  2. I agree well done. We are having a ham as well.

    1. Gill, I think a lot of people have ham for Easter. As a kid we always did.

  3. I will have pork tenderloin, slaw, field peas or peas and snaps. There will be other stuff, but have not decided yet. There will be just me.

  4. SO have you figured out the new RA system? I dying to know what you have cooked up.
    Money spends way too quickly.

    1. Well there is NO new system yet. They roll out this "Plenti" scheme come May. It sounds crappy so far so I'll wait and see if I need to start going to CVS or not. lol

  5. I had a small turkey in the freezer so it's thawing in the fridge now. A pretty traditional dinner. I'd like to have ham and scalloped potatoes or something but Kazi will only eat chicken or turkey or fish. Boring.

  6. We will be having Ham (smithfields) baked ziti, mushrooms, asparagus, mashed potatoes and broccoli. A lot of food for just the 6 people that will be here, but I plan on not cooking for most of the week. :) Happy Easter and Passover to all.


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