Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Are You Kidding Me?

Happy April 1st!

And no, this isn't an April Fool's joke unfortunately!

4 new inches of snow which started yesterday..............

That whiter patch on the deck is the last of the Winter's accumulation before it began snowing yesterday late morning.
We are almost snow-free and we get 4 more inches.
And it's suppose to hit 63F here tomorrow.....crazy!

So over it.

At least it's sunny today so I will go out after I get my March numbers finished.




  1. The weather is all over the place, with 18 oC tomorrow and down to 0 oC on Saturday. The temperature fluctuations kill my head......

  2. We missed all that, a few miles south of you. We had the t-shirt weather yesterday for a while, though. Then it got all windy and rainy and cold.

  3. we had rain yesterday; we still have a snowpile in the yard where the plow pushed it.

    I heard about the snow warning up your way and went WTH????

  4. It was 70 one day and below freezing within 20 hours, now back up to high 70s. And my sinuses are killing me.

  5. d.ang! What a nasty trick to play!

  6. I wish we had snow. I guess I will have to leave the Gulf Coast to get that wish.


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