Monday, November 24, 2014

A Brief List of Accomplishments

I feel like I accomplished a lot this past week.
So if I really didn't in your estimation, please keep it to yourself.  ;-)

*  I paid all the bills for the month except one(which hasn't arrived yet).

*  I got the garage de-cluttered and organized.  This includes the stockpile.  Not much de-cluttering, more organizing than anything else.  I went through boxes of old merchandise(mostly toys)and I separated out items that aren't worth selling online but things I want to keep for my potential grandchildren.  Yes, hope springs eternal here. lolz   The rest is segregated and waiting on me to have more time to list them and off to Salvation Army they will go, hopefully before the New Year.

Of course the house and my desk are a mess but hey!, I'll take the wins were I can find them.

*  We got some shopping finished and I am done with Christmas, at least done with the having to go to the stores part.  While out we saw some Xmas shirts......

and my favorite.....

If only they would have had that one in my size. lolz

*  I got my Black Friday Rite-Aid scenarios written and all coupons gathered.

*  All Turkey Day foods are present and accounted for.  "All" that is left is the cooking. hahaha

*  I got all the presents I currently have wrapped and tagged.  Bows will come later after we decorate for Christmas and I can put these under the tree......

For now they will live under the sofa table.

*  I got another load for Salvation Army ready to go and in Hubs trunk.  5 boxes of stuff outtahere!!!

*  I went to the bank and cashed out my sealed pot coin rolls......

$164.50 to put toward Christmas spending.  8-)
Add in $900 worth of gift card credit card points and what I have pulled in from selling old fabrics on Etsy and 1 book I sold 2 weeks ago on Amazon(I had forgotten I had anything listed there until I got a "Ship this book!" notice lolz)and we have enough to fund Christmas.

*  Of course as soon as I have this win with money, Hubs car needed some work so we took it in and paid $1K+ to get it back in working order. ugh
Have I mentioned lately how much I hate cars? ;-)

*  I dropped off a fabric order at the PO.  There was no line, AMAZINGLY!, so I got my wallet and went back in to buy stamps for Christmas card mailing.....

*  I did a little genealogy hunting Friday and got a bit further back on one family line and I will say it's quite the story and now extending back into the 1500's.  More on that another day.

*  I listed that Longaberger basket on eBay that I got this Summer at the thrift store.  Cross your fingers someone buys it soon.  As I went pawing through completed auctions on eBay to see if I should try to sell anything else it looks pretty dismal out there. 

*  Part of my cleaning out nooks and crannies this past week was an effort to find my dining room drapes.  I thought they were packed up in the boxes in the garage with my china and tablecloths when we emptied out that room last Winter.  An exhaustive search turned up nada in the curtain department.  sigh.  It's hell getting old and losing your memory..... 

Now I am off to a doctor's appointment for my armpit, hopefully I'll get the "all clear" this time and be done with this episode.

Then tomorrow I am the chauffer du jour fetching #2 Son from school for the holiday.

So what's been going on with you lately?



  1. Hi Sluggy...I roasted a turkey yesterday and turned right around and put all the bones and skin into the slow cooker for broth. We are going to my stepdaughters for Thanksgiving. I am taking 2 pumpkin pies. Actually they are butternut squash pies. I was gifted with about 10 of them. I may or may not bring back a carcass. Depends on how ambitious she is. We call this turkey frame soup. One year I had 5 carcasses! So much good stuff in that broth. It makes me sad when it is gone. Have a nice turkey day. Carol

  2. Hope your dr appt goes well! Sounds like you got a lot done this week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  3. Sluggy,
    I am so excited because I got my hair cut--two months too late! That is enough for today. I cannot stand any more excitement.

  4. Wow! you're as random as me! You've been a busy chick.
    Love those shirts!

  5. Busy busy busy you are! All my antics are on my blog:! (Shameless plug!)

    Peace <3

  6. the notion you got all your christmas shopping done is awesome, commendable, and you should be burned at the stake.

  7. Gees, this reminds me I should go back to working on the clutter in our garage while I'm out of work!

  8. Yup, you got a lot done!
    I bought the same stamps too! My cards are done and ready to be mailed but I don't have any gifts wrapped yet so you are still winning the race. And with all this energy that you have, could you please come sort my garage? It would be fun for you. NO not really but it is a disaster out there.

  9. That sounds like a lot to me! I've done nothing but drink mai tais & hang by the pool, so I've obviously been extremely productive lately. ;-)

  10. I am nearly done with Christmas shopping. My sister gets to shop and cook this year.

  11. You accomplished a lot! All I did was work. Ugh! I have been so busy at work lately that when I get home I am a vegetable. I am so glad to be having a 5 day weekend for Thanksgiving!


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