Monday, November 3, 2014

Rite-Aid This Week

I may only do 1 transaction at Rite-Aid this week to roll my +Ups.
After all, how much shampoo and toothpaste does a body need anyway?!

Here is what I brought home.......

First off the transaction planned did NOT include that Russell Stover Halloween candy and it should have come out to $16 in +Ups used, .57¢ paid OOP and $12 in new +Ups earned.

But here is what happened thanks to the goofy Load2Card Qs issue.......

2 x Dove Advanced 'Poo on sale $5=$10.00
3 x Dove Advanced Deodorant on sale $5=$15.00
2 x Reach toothbrushes on sale $2.99=$5.98
1 x Trident gum on sale=$1.09 ***
2 x Russell Stover Halloween candy 50%off=$1.28

Coupons Used
2 x BOGO Dove Advanced 'Poo or Deo ManuQ=$10.00
1 x $2/1 Dove Advanced Deo IPQ=$2.00
1 x $1.50/1 Dove Advanced Deo L2CQ=$1.50 *
2 x $1/1 Dove 'Poo VideoValuesQ=$2.00
2 x $.75/1 Reach toothbrush PeelieQ(on product)=$1.50 **
Coupon Total......$17.00


I used $16 in +Up Rewards and paid .35¢ on a Rite-Aid free gift card I had so no OOP this transaction.
I got back $12 in new +Up Rewards(2 x $4 Dove wyb $12, 2 x $2 Reach).

* The $1.50/1 Dove Deo Load2Card came off onto this transaction(even though I didn't want to use it because I had a better $2/1 IPQ to use) and the cashier then couldn't put one of my BOGO Qs through. Ugh.
So he did it manually which meant Rite-Aid gave me $1.50 in free stuff today.  8-)

**  The Reach single toothbrushes that give $2 in +Ups back this week had .75¢ peelie coupons on them while the multipack of toothbrushes which also gives $2 in +Ups back this week did not, so I got the ones with peelies as it meant less spent on my part.

***  I hadn't planned to get gum today but the Savings Star FREEBIE this past weekend was Trident gum, so anything I spent comes back to my SS account in cash.  Free gum so why not? ;-)

I had gone to Rite-aid wanting to do the 2 for $7.00 Dove Body Wash because the inserts had $2/1 Dove body Wash Qs.  Once in the store it was the 12 oz. Dove Body Wash on sale and the $2/1 Qs were for the 18 oz. size so I didn't buy them.

So Zero OOP, $46.80 in toiletries brought home and I spend down my +Ups by $4.




  1. Replies
    1. That's usually where my gum goes.....

  2. where do you get all the coupons you reference in your coupons used section? do you just come across those now and then, or spend time hunting them down?

    1. Some are from the coupon inserts in the Sunday paper and some are online printed ones.
      I was putting links to where to find them but I didn't think anybody cared for I stopped.

      Lately most of my Qs have been from Sunday inserts or online at coupons dotcom.

      Just go to I Heart Rite-Aid or another Deal blog that follows the store you want to shop at and they should point you toward where the coupons are.

  3. I wish I could get "unconfused" about all this. Have a new wellness card from Rite-Aid. Is this the same thing you talk about. Haven't used it. Have no clue about it

    1. Yes, in order to get the sale prices at Rite-Aid you need to present your Wellness card.
      If you don't want your +Up Rewards to electronically attach to your card when you earn them, you have to OPT OUT of that feature by telling a cashier to OPT your card OUT before you earn the rewards. Then the +Ups will print at the bottom of your receipt. I find it easier to control what I want to use, when I want to use it that way.

      Once you spend $500(well if you use coupons you won't actually "spent" that much)on your Wellness card, you will earn a 10% on everything non-pharmacy in the store(plus a few other things like gift cards, milk, lottery tickets, cigs, etc.). This discount doesn't apply if the item is on sale and the sale price is greater than your 10% discount.
      Once you spend $1000 you earn a 20% off for the remainder of the year you earn it in and also for the following year.

      Go see my previous post on How to Rite-Aid....

  4. I just read these to ruin my day! Hell yes, roll and roll some more. I would fill the kids room with free poo'.


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