Friday, November 21, 2014

Don't Believe Everything They Tell You at Weis

This in regard to the Kraft Deal(spend $25 get $5 off instantly)running through Saturday at Weis(PoundMeInTheAss)Markets.

I asked 2 different employees at the Customer Service Desk if you had to spend $25 on the sale prices or the regular shelf prices.
They both said they were positive it's off the sale prices.

So I went and got 3 packs of OM bacon(mmmm, bacon!).
Reg. retail is $8.99(!!!)so that's $26.97.
But it's on sale for $4.99 this week, so that's $14.97 and not enough to get the least that it what I was led to believe.

So I threw 3 cans of Maxwell House coffee and 1 box of Stove Top into my cart, to get me over $25 IF the Deal was truly based on sale prices.

After ringing up the OM Bacon I watched and I got a $5 deduction on my receipt.
So this Deal is based on the regular price, not sale price!
The coffee and stuffing went back on the shelf needless to say......

This means the bacon cost me $3.32 a package.
Too bad it's a limit of 1 Offer for this deal.


I went back to Weis last night and tried the Kraft Deal again with 3 packs of bacon.
Got the $5 off again so it's a limit of One Offer on EACH Transaction not EACH Card.

I may be going back today in that case and drag Hubs along too so he can do the Deal as well.  8-)



  1. Oh, I have not looked at ads this week, so maybe it is in a store here. Can you not send in hubby for one of these? Here, I could go back in the next day and get the deal. Do you have to use a card to get this, or how can they tell if you went back another time. THAT IS a good price.

    1. The deal is tied to your loyalty card and limit of 1. I suspect it might or might NOT be limited in reality. I am happy with 3 packs as my freezer is full. lol

  2. Unclear pricing pisses me off. I ordered something off a fast food menu one evening, the menu board said "make it a large combo for $1.29" so that added $4.28 to my check! I told them to keep the extra food and drink. They refunded the difference and I got to keep the food.

    The problem there and here is that the employees know nothing as to how the computer computes the prices. They just scan and hit total. Meh. None of them can count change, either. I hate being handed bills, then change dumped on top so it slides around. Count me to the next dollar with the change, then count me up with the bills. But they can't. I learned it in about the 4th grade.

    Peace <3


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