Monday, August 25, 2014

What's Happening at Chez Sluggy This Week

I've got lots to do here at Chez Sluggy this week.  Some run of the mill stuff and some projects comprise what I need to get done.

This Week's To-Do List--

*  Finish cleaning #2 Son's room
*  Clean out & organize Hall Entry Closet  done
*  Clean out & organize Hall Linen Closet
*  Write 5 Letters
*  Complete car donation to ARC  done
*  Call motel to make reservations for September
*  Call Boarding Kennel for October
*  If time for it, start in on Garage Cleaning/Organizing  done
*  Finish load to Salvation Army  done
*  Finish straps on the nightgown I sewed
*  Reconsider how to proceed with the Etsy store and eBay
*  Work on a home project this weekend with Hubs(probably the Garage)

And here is what's on tap for this Week's Blogging Schedule--in no particular order

*  TWOTDT/Food post  done
*  Post about the Kitchen cleaning/organizing I did last week  done
*  1 or 2 Posts on my Road Trip in July
*  Something Genealogy? done
*  My Shopping this Week-probably a trip to Rite-Aid  done
*  Update on what I got done this Week

What do you have on your plate this week?



  1. I have a gigantic pile of laundry to do somehow.
    Same with dishes.
    Put dried beans in quart jars.
    Put raisins in pint jars. (it's hard to do and I have lots of them!)
    Cook turkey breast.
    Rescue more fabric from sewing room.
    Go to doctor for swimmer's ear!

  2. work, knit, baseball, read (weekday)

    grocery shop, laundry (weekend)

  3. I got a call to sub in the cafeteria tomorrow. I'll be on my feet for 8 hours. Oh boy!

  4. WORK! School starts next week, there is no end in sight.

    Peace <3

  5. I'm half tempted to gut DJ's room. Half tempted. The other half says drink. I'm getting enough practice on the other half.

  6. Lots of cleaning on my end... finally got rid of a lot of things, but the rest was just a poorly orchestra of "shuffling stuff" from one box to the next because I didn't want to deal with it...


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