Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Saturday at the Bloggerpalooza II....Hijinxs in Lewes & Beyond--Part II

After getting all the goody bags finished and a quick shower and lay down on the motel bed to re-energize, Mark was banging on the door, ready to leave for Lewes and that evening's festivities.

One of the finished bags all decked out with curled ribbons.

 A goody bag with Thyme seeds in it.  The tag ready, "Hope you had a good "thyme".  Your friend, Sluggy.

The back view of a bag....peppermint patties and a "rainbow" candy stick.

I also brought a shopping bag filled with tubes of toothpaste, all obtained for free at Rite-Aid.
Anyone who wanted some was free to go shopping in that bag.
Once I held it up and told people to "come get it", I never saw that bag again. lolz

I also brought some homemade relish.....

 I dubbed this "No Rubbish Relish" after Dr. Spo's favorite saying.  Of course, I presented him with a jar and shared more jars with anyone else who wanted to try it.

I didn't forget the ladies at the gathering either.
Java and anne marie got their own bag of goodies......assorted CHOCOLATE(of course!) and they had to duke it out to see who took home which yumminess......

Of course I don't have a photo of them pawing through that bag since I was standing there handing it out.

I also brought a giftie for Jay.  I remembered that he collected "rainbow" Santa ornaments for his tree.
And since he did me a BIG favor, which I'll talk about after Saturday, I thought it only fitting that I make him something.....a ceramic Christmas ornament.

Again, I don't have a photo of me giving him his present so I lifted these photos Jay posted of it on his blog.....

I use to paint and sell ceramics professionally so I dragged out my paint boxes and brushes and plucked this Santa ornie from the piles of ceramic bisque still in my basement and painted him up specially for Jay.
I am a bit rusty after all these years but I think it came out respectably.  8-)

And then for my buddy Mark, of late from the blog "Our Simple Lives", I just had to bring him a present too.

I found these Adult Juice Boxes aka miniature containers of boxed wine, the size of a kid's juice box, and it just screamed his name.

Here he is posing with it......

I gave him two.
I wonder if he shared them with Fred and how long they lasted.....not very, I am thinking.....hehehehe

So we arrived at the Bloggerpalooza II Dinner.
We were greeted by anne marie aka THE Warrior Gate Keeper.

Only those who paid their admission fee were allowed to pass.....

We sat in the outer room, chatted and consumed cocktails.

And Ron handed out goody bags with noisemakers and bubble stuff.
Many bubbles were blown in short order.

Then it was time to go into dinner.

             Smile big now Fred!

Hey, what's going on over at THAT table?!

Maybe we sat at the wrong table....Dr. Spo is here so this must be the "B Table".

Is it time to eat yet?

After eating our table got up a rousing game of "bat the balloons around"......

Everyone had a good time!

 I do want to lodge a complaint though.
Seriously, Jay looked much better in a tiara than moi!!!

Then the A Table, not to be outdone, started Bubble Blowing......

After dinner there was the giving out of prizes.
Dr. Spo and Ron were the presenters.....

The emcee must wear a fashionable red sequined bowtie.....

Many prizes were given out, most of them silly.....

First up was a pair of red glitter cha-cha heels for Randy....

I don't think you're in Nebraska anymore Randy! lolz

Lar snagged the other prized heels.  I wonder if he has anything in his closet that will go with them, hmmm?

A coloring book for Jay....

Hey Fred!  Who do you think you are, Emeril? lol

Mark and his "take no hostages" shirt....

Doug's prize shirt....ready for Key West baby!!

Todd inspecting his light-up drumsticks or batons. 

And anne marie got a cute little dolly.

 There were also hula hoops at the dinner and I caught Mark giving it a try......

Here's the bling I came home with.....

a feather boa and Viking helmet(more my style than a tiara), Mardi Gras beads, a spikey ball that changes colors.....

And in my goody bag was a noisemaker, a flute, bubbles, balloons and candy......

And Pat brought everyone maple syrup from Canada.
Pat gave me a second bottle for Hubs who couldn't come to the shindig......

Thanks Pat!
After all the prizes were given out, it was time for the entertainment.  Ron had engaged a local Stage Hypnotist for the evening, Marshall Manlove.

He called for volunteers and about 7 suckers people who were game got up on "stage".
I was one of the volunteers.
And we were the evening's entertainment. lol

Ron filmed and posted the hypnosis session on YouTube.
You can go watch Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE .

I have never been hypmotized before.
Let me just say it was an experience.  8-P

After the show we repaired to the Hospitality Suite one last time for a couple more drinks and conversation.

 I love this shot of Mark........I think he is partied out!  That's what happens when you have kids and get old, right Mark? lolz

 Cubby, Randy, Dr. Spo, Fred and anne marie

 Tim, Java, Mark(a little perkier now) and Cubby

Then Dr. Spo(lovely chapeau by the way) and Fred played a little trick via text message on one of Dr. Spo's friends in Canada, Laurent.  He had Fred(who is from France)text Laurent en francais pretending to be Dr. Spo.  It didn't take long for the friend to realize that Dr. Spo's French was not actually Dr. Spo's and that he had been HAD. ;-)

And all too soon it was time to head back to the motel and my evening came to an end.

I had a fabulous time but I think I slept for 3 days after I got home to PA.
Partying just wears this old gal out, ya know?

Thanks  to Ron for putting this all together and thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcomed.

Ron put together a nice movie HERE with all the photos that Mark took of the 2 days of events.
It's worth watching when you get the time to see it all(it's about 27 minutes long).

I'll leave you with the group photo that was taken of all the attendees.....

back-Jay, Ron, Java, Lar, Tim, Cubby, Pat, David, Jay, Fred
front-Todd, anne marie, Sluggy, Randy, Doug, Dr. Spo, Mark

It was a great experience which I will treasure the rest of my days! 8-))




  1. Too cool still. Awesome photos and awesome had to be had and remembered! Gotta love all the goodies, haha.

  2. That looked like fun! Somehow, I did not realize Mark and Fred were there. Plus, there are twice as many people there as I thought. I love the pictures and goodies and games. Why did you not pull the two table together? Juice boxes of alcohol--fun!

  3. damn, it was a blast! and if you haven't tasted the maple syrup yet, OMB SO GOOD!

  4. It was an awesome time! I'll have to send you a picture of where the Santa is going to reside until it's time to be placed on the tree!

    Peace <3

  5. We have got to do this again.

  6. great photos! thank you for posting them! ooxx


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