Monday, March 31, 2014

Proud Mama Here

Ok, time for a little bragging on my kid, #2 Son.

Yesterday we went to his flute and piano teacher's recital for all her students.
After about a half a dozen 4 year olds banging out simple songs on the piano I am so over recitals. lolz

#2 was one of the last students to perform, since he is the oldest and this is his last year studying with her.

Waiting for his turn.  He doesn't look very happy now, does he?

After 1.75 hours(ugh!)it was his shot.

His teacher gave a nice introduction(talked about getting into a music program for college and how far he has come in 2 years of studying with her, etc.)but you probably can't make much of that out at the beginning of this clip, since she talks too fast and the acoustics in this church weren't so hot.

Anyway, here he is playing "Rêverie et Petit Valse" (1897) by André Caplet.


Make sure you have some time to spare because this clip is about 10 minutes long.

And to show you that he is a true musical Renaissance Man, he spent 10 hours on Saturday with his band, recording tracks for their 1st CD at a professional recording studio.

If you want to hear a couple of the songs by the band he is in, go HERE.
The band is called Docile Sponge and #2 Son plays the bass in it.
They don't do covers, just original compositions.

And in his spare time, he works on flute beatbox.
He wants to be THESE GUYS when he grows up.

Whether classical flute or alternative rock, this guy is into music.



  1. What a talented son you have, I see why you are so proud!

  2. Cant listen to it right now, but GO HIM! He looks so much nicer when he laughs and smiles.

  3. The last two links don't seem to be working. He is handsome and talented.

    1. I fixed the last link and if you can't see the first link, go to reverb nation and search for "docile sponge" to see their playlist.

  4. Awesome! I listened to a couple of their songs they sounded really good.

  5. That's really awesome, he's quite talented. I played flute in junior high through college. Love pieces like this.

    Peace <3

  6. Wow! Anyone who plays songs about penises and hookers is ok in my book! Beatbox flute is a new one on me but I LOVE it - what a great sound.

  7. Okay, the first link works. They are good. Don't tell him an old woman likes his music, an old woman who is not his

    I love this:
    "Bio: A musical group formed under the original intent of writing songs about penises and hookers, turned into a legitimate operation of creativity and....spongey-ness."

    About the unsmiling look: to me it says, "Here I am waiting to play, and you have a camera in my face? Really?"

    I love it that you get all these pictures. One day, he will probably say, "Why didn't I smile?"

    Keep taking these pictures...I love it. He does, too. lol

  8. Wow! Such talent! How wonderful. I'm sure that took a lot of hard work and practice. Congratulations to him and to you and your hubby as well.

  9. Wow! I watched it yesterday but didn't get a chance to respond til now. He is awesome! Good job!


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