Monday, March 24, 2014

Rite-Aid Post #2 for the Week

Today's haul.....

2 x Clear Shampoo on sale $5=$10.00
1 x Dove Advanced Deo on sale=$5.00

Coupons Used
2 x Clear Shampoo $2.50/1 ManuQ=$5.00
2 x Clear Shampoo $2/1 AdPerks Q=$4.00(1 for each Wellness account/card)
1 x Dove Advanced Deo ManuQ $2/1=$2.00
Coupon Total.....$11.00

I used the $2 +Up Rewards I got last night to pay....
$4-$2=$2.00 + .12¢ tax=$2.12 Out of Pocket

I received a $5 +Up Reward(wyb $15 of select Unilever products)back.

Come back tomorrow to see what I get using my $5 +Ups.
I so hate this new policy that your +Ups aren't valid until the following day....means I have to go up to Rite-Aid multiple times in a good sales week, instead of just spending/rolling the +Ups in 1 trip.  Luckily Rite-Aid is only 2-3 miles from my house.  ;-)



  1. I think CVS has the same policy now. You can only use your bucks once in a day. So I have been heading back a few times until I get everything that I want. And it normally means that the things that I want are gone.

    1. It sucks, doesn't it? I HOPE you are remembering to get RAIN CHECKS tho, right? 8-)


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