Sunday, March 30, 2014

Saturday at the Bloggerpalooza II....Hijinxs in Lewes & Beyond--Part I

**Now Improved with Photo Captions made up in my head.**

So Saturday all the attendees, or rather, all the attendees who wanted to be silly, rendezvoused at The Old Time Photo Shop in Rehoboth Beach at the appointed time.

We were there for the next activity of the Bloggerpalooza II Weekend.
A costumed group photo.

     Doug, Jay, Fred and Randy seem apprehensive to get started.  Everyone is waiting for somebody else to "go first" I think.....

    Everybody starts loosening up to the idea in short order.

And we all ventured into the "Inner Sanctum".

Jay getting assistance getting into his gambler garb....
"Hmmm, which fake bottle of booze should I pose with this year?"

Tim being Velcro-ed into his Yankee uniform pants. 
"If only they had had Velcro back during the Civil War.....All I need is the formulation and a time machine!"

Doug adjusting his "duster" coat....."What do you guys think....does this make my butt look big?"

Java all set as a lonely cowpoke...."Let's get this thing over with."

Dr. Spo, "Does this color bring out the blue in my eyes?"


   Java assisting Dr. Spo...."Come on Sweet Cheeks suck it in....."

Show off those girly attributes Dr. Spo!
"I just wanna, just wannaaaaa.....I just wanna, just wannaaaaa, giiiiiirls, girls just wanna have fun!"

 Pat all "chapped" up.
"Smile when you say that partner."


Larry putting on the war bonnet.
"I just can't do anything with my hair today!"

Sluggy in front of the hat wall.....
"I'm ready for my close-up Mister DeMille".

Fred as a Damn Yankee.....
Being from the South, I had better not say anything else here. lolz

Ron, as one of the "Fancy Gals", coming out of the closet, errr, dressing room.

Ron telling Tim, "I've always loved a man in uniform" least in my own head. lolz

It was sort of disconcerting seeing a man dress in 1860's garb checking his iPhone.....


 Pat, Fred, Tim & Doug getting into character

Mark & Fred aka "The South & North get Friendly."

And finally the whole crew was ready to take some photos.

And some day, after I make up my mind which shot to buy, I'll show  y'all the grand shot that the lovely ladies at the studio took.
I just can't make up my mind if I like the serious, the smiling or the goofy pose best!
Decisions, decisions.....

After we all had a good laugh, or five, at our selves, and caused a great deal of mayhen and chaos at the Photo Studio, we all changed back into 21st century garb and heading down the block.

The weather was gloriously warm(for March)and sunny and the shops were all open for business....

But our destination was an early group lunch to the The Purple Parrot

Being St. Patrick's Day Weekend the place was already packed with revelers but we squeezed our group onto a long table.....

   (l to r)Fred, anne marie, Todd, Randy, Doug, Tim, Cubby, Java

They had a drink Special of $2 Mimosas or Bloody Marys.
Our table kept the waiter hopping with refills of those.  I must confess that once the 2nd Mimosa kicked in I sort of forgot to take any more photos.
And I am still trying to figure out just how many Bloody Marys Cubby actually had.....hehehehe

Here is the last shot I took at the Purple Parrot--a photo of Dr. Spo's Seafood Gumbo.
Loking M'mmm good!  I should have ordered that......

After a leisurely lunch Fred & Mark drove me back to the motel to sleep off the booze for a nap, while they went out looking at real estate.  I had a couple of hours to myself to rest up before the grand finale of the weekend, the Group Dinner and Entertainment.
Actually I was busy putting the finishing touches on the little goody bags I was going to hand out after Dinner that evening at the Inn.

The conclusion of my report coming soon in Hijinxs in Lewes & Beyond--Part II.



  1. Ooh, gotta love them Yankees! Great photos!

  2. you look great, as do mark and fred (aren't they just the cutest couple EVAH?!?).

  3. So much fun! I would love to be a "fancy gal" with y'all!


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