Tuesday, April 15, 2014

For anne marie.....

This post is for you, anne marie ........

Dolly and I were just hanging out, comparing "assets" yesterday.
She's a lot taller in person that she looks on tv.
She wanted me to tell ya "Howdy" and she wishes you were here.

It was a shame though that there were no "Romeos" around...... ;-)

That Dolly......she's such a kidder!



  1. Nice rack..................of magazines.

  2. lol! Could it be that you're shorter than you appear in blogland? I always thought Dolly was short, but then again I'm an Amazon...

  3. dolly, you, and me...talk about large, uh, "assets"! if ya got it, flaunt it, baby, flaunt it!

    tell dolly I said "howdy" right back!

  4. I knew Dolly had 'work done' but eek! she's the thinnest yet.

  5. Back around 1970 when she was on Porter Wagoner's show, my ex would smile a big goofy smile when she was on the screen. I told him I would be very pleased if he would cut that smiling out while I was in the room. He swore he was smiling because she had such a pretty smile and he could not help smiling back. I suspect it was her assets. No, I never bought what he said. I knew it was her assets.

    Good picture!

  6. I was trying to tell which one of you was more endowed........

  7. LOL Well hello Dolly


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