Saturday, April 26, 2014

Last Week on the Dining Table

So we were on vacation the last week and a half to Louisiana so my weekly Menu Plan Post didn't happen.

Being on vacation means I did no cooking and mostly we ate out, which is not on the food budget tab.

My Lunch at Strawn's-the Spinach, Feta, Strawberry, Pecan & Grilled Chicken Salad
Butterscotch Ice Box Pie followed this.

Here is what we ate anyway......

Sunday--B-McDonald's at home /L-Golden China Restaurant in Harrisonburg, VA/D-Morelia's Mexican Grill in Bull's Gap, TN

Monday--B-Hotel freebie Bull's Gap, TN/L-Shoney's in Gatlinburg, TN/D-Krystal in Manchester, TN

 Tuesday--B-Waffle House(Hotel freebie was nasty) Manchester, TN/L-Hardee's in Tullahoma, TN/D-Johnny's BarBQ in Cullman, AL

 Wednesday--B-Hotel freebie(good!) Tuscaloosa, AL/L-The Brickhouse Bar & Grill in Meriden, MS/D-Sue's Country Kitchen in Bossier City, LA

 Thursday--B-Sue's again Bossier City, LA/D-Shane's Seafood & BBQ in Bossier City, LA (no Lunch)

 Friday--B-Hotel freebie(yuck!)Bossier City, LA/D-Podnuh's in Bossier City, LA (no Lunch)

 Saturday--B-I cooked Eggs/Sausage/Bagels/Fruit /L-Strawn's Eat Shop in Shreveport, LA/D-Hardee's Haughton, LA

Sunday--B-Sue's again Bossier City, LA/L&D-My daughter cooked Easter dinner

Monday--B-Hotel freebie(yuck again!)Bossier City, LA/L-Berry's Seafood Catfish House in Magee, MS/D-Danny's Fried Chicken in Fairhope, AL

Tuesday--B-Hotel freebie(best one!)Fairhope, AL/L-Pizza Hut Prattville, AL/D-Waffle House Chattanooga, TN

Wednesday--B-Hotel freebie Chattanooga, TN/L-Smalls Cajun Man Drive-In in Athens, TN/D-Burger King Buchanan, VA

Thursday--B-nothing...slept late/L-Chinese Buffet/D-no dinner(too full from Lunch)

Friday--B-yogurt and Danish at home/L-leftovers at home/D-Brats on rolls and COC

Saturday--B-yogurt and Danish at home/L-something at the Brewpub/D-Spaghetti and Meatballs, Salad, Garlic Bread

We've been home 3 days now.  Thursday we went for lunch out as I wasn't up to cooking after being up til 3 am the night before.  So full from lunch we didn't have dinner.  I may have had a donut and yogurt for dinner but don't tell anyone.  ;-)
Regularly prepared meals started up yesterday, Friday, but not without great protestations from me!
Coming back from vacation and having to jump into meal planning and cooking again is just so wrong.....

Obviously, I did little grocery shopping the last 2 weeks.
I did buy the fixings down in LA for the breakfast I cooked and I paid for the spiral ham, rolls and other things my daughter cooked for Sunday dinner, so the food spending on the food budget so far comes to $66.71 on $103.66 regular retail of groceries.

I am up to $362.04 of food spending for April at the moment.
We need groceries so will be spending some more later this weekend and that will surely put me over $400 for the month.
But it was to be expected so I am not too broken up over it.

I'll be back Monday with the regular "This Week on the Dining Table" post.



  1. After eating out so many days, it would be difficult to start cooking again. How did son do with eating?


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