Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stupid Crap People Really Buy!....Episode #1

Just in time for the 2012 Holiday Shopping Season, it's a new Feature here at Chez Sluggy I like to call--

"Stupid Crap People Really Buy"

Today's Selection comes to us directly from the Sunday Coupon Inserts.  The Inserts on Sunday we get here aren't filled with lovely lovely high value  Instead they are filled with lovely lovely offers of fine quality merchandise that no store would deem to carry.
This particular item caught my eye recently......

It's the beautimous ELVIS FASHION BAG!
This beauty is available exclusively from the Bradford Exchange.
You know, that clearinghouse of all things "collectible".
Yes, this Elvis bag is a collectible that you can actually use to function as a purse...what a concept!

Stand in awe of it's custom designed golden faux leather featuring silhouettes of Elvis, his replica signature, the braided faux leather handle with metal rings attaching it to the bag, and a key fob with the TCB(or Taking Care of Business) charm.  Strong demand is expected so hurry and order NOW!

Now do you want to know the kind of customer I see walking around in life with this purse on their shoulder?

And this fine vinyl, er.....faux leather purse will run Miss "Kiss my Grits" Flo $100 in 4 easy payments(plus shipping of $10.99).
What a bargain!!!
Even if she has to tighten her Aqua net and chewing gum budget for awhile and stop throwing wild Canasta parties at the trailer park until this is paid off.

Yes, Style may be "Golden" like the ad states, but this purse is neither stylish nor golden.

Here's a thought--If you really must have an Elvis bag why not go down to one of "The Marts" and buy a plain bag, then buy some Elvis stickers and some fabric paint(though vinyl isn't really fabric, is it?) and create your own decorated bag.  This way, you save yourself a shit ton of money by not paying the extortionist price for a licensed Elvis product(which the lion's share goes to a division of JP Morgan Chase-which owns the rights to the Elvis name).  You save your money and I bet you'll have a much more tasteful and unique bag in the end.

It's just a cheap made in China bag anyway, just like all the other "faux leather" bags in the stores.  These probably cost $1.50 to produce and even with the print advertising it didn't cost anywhere near $100 to get to market.  What makes it cost $100 is the licensing and the horrendous markup charged by the owner of the bag company.
Yes, Sluggy has been watching SHARK TANK

And if you still have another $60 laying around to throw away, you can also buy the Elvis Performance Ballet Flats Shoes to complete your ensemble.

So I ask.....I know they must sell oodles of these......
But Who buys this crap?!?!
Anybody you know?
And what kind of need is filled in anyone with this stupid crap?
Or do people who buy stupid stuff just keep buying more and more until they end up on "Hoarders"?



  1. Well, my goal is to form an play lead guitar in an all-girl Elvis tribute band when I retire. And I'd wear that stuff... if it were free!!!!!

  2. My Aunts mother would..but then again she has a velvet painting of elvis in her living room

  3. I hope I never met anyone who needs the sort of stuff they advertise... sometimes they have something that looks slightly decent/reasonable (like their SUPER AMAZING HOLY MOLY RAIN JACKET FOR ONLY 2 EASY PAYMENTS OF $19.99 +SH... which you can get in a second hand store for $15), but yeah. No.

  4. Thanks for alerting me to this item I a hole in the head. I really like just one Elvis on my purse. They did not even have this kind of junk in Tupelo, birthplace of Elvis. Yes, I have been there twice and Graceland. Next time I am in Memphis (my hometown), I will check the Graceland gift shop for souvenirs and see if this can be had more cheaply.

    Even though I love Elvis, I am not going to wear him! Or carry him.

  5. I think that Santa should bring all of them for you for Christmas!

    1. That's the day I break off relations with Santa!lol

  6. Oh come on sluggy don't tell me you have taste?

    1. LOL.....yah, most of my taste is in MY MOUTH!lol But I do have a little bit. ;-)


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