Friday, November 2, 2012

The Quaker Man is In The Building!

This entry is from the annals of "You just never know".

One of my blogging buddies is Sheila over at A Super Savvy Saver.  For the latest deals, especially if you shop at Shop Rite and/or Price Chopper, she is the one to check out!
Back in mid September among the deals Sheila posted was this CONTEST sponsored by Price Chopper.

You had to leave a comment on the Price Chopper blog with "tips you have to ensure that your kids eat  a healthy breakfast!".
I left a tip and promptly forgot about it since what are the odds, right?

And one week later I get an email from someone at Price Chopper that I have been selected as the Grand Prize Winner.
Yay me!!

I didn't even remember what I had won, so I asked the PC rep and while it's not a new car or a big pile of money, it IS a year's supply of Quaker Oatmeal!

Though you can't see it(thank goodness!), my colon is smiling. 8-)

Then came the HARD decisions that had to be made......
*First, did I want half my winnings now and half in 6 months.
A year's supply in this instance happens to be 48 boxes or containers of oatmeal....which is 4 cases of Fiber Town.

I got a bit paranoid at first.....if I only took half the winnings now, what if Price Chopper went out of business before 6 months had passed or what if the person who was in charge of this thing left the company or the records got lost or something......6 months later, I might email for my second half of the free oatmeal and they would look at me like I'd a crazy woman.....which I am sometimes but that's not the point here. ;-)

Then I thought 4 cases would be Massive.....and where would I put it all if I took it all now?
But turns out 4 cases is not so massive after all.
I have the room for it, and if not, I could just shove one of the kids into a closet or something and make room, right?

So I decided to take it all in one delivery.

Then the other important decision had to be made.....which Flavors and/or Varieties?

There are instant packets......and if packets, then which flavors or assortments?
Do you have any clue how many different flavors of instant oatmeal they make?!

And then you have to figure out if you want regular, or High Fiber, or Weight Control or Low Sugar.
And then there is regular Oatmeal in the Canisters.......Old Fashioned Oats or Quick Oats?
Too many decisions!

I had to pick up to 4 different varieties/kinds/flavors.
After much polling of the family here, we came to a consensus and I emailed off my decision.

And then the waiting began.......and we waited.
And we waited some more.
And life went forward and we forgot this had ever happened.

And I didn't dare say anything about this whole episode to anyone just in case it was some cruel hoax and I was being played for a patsy.

And just went we gave up on him, the UPS Man arrived during Hurricane Sandy on Monday and wheeled the Quaker Man out of the back of his brown truck to our door.

The Quaker Man is back in Pennsylvania and in 'da house in Teeny Tiny Town!

To paraphrase a saying......"A face only your colon could love!"

And here is our years supply of oatmeal goodness stacked proudly in our den.....

3 cases of  Instant varieties and 1 case of old fashioned canisters.
Wanna bet we eat through this all well before the "prize year" is out? lol

 The moral of the story?
You have to be in it, to win it.....or....You never know when God will smile upon your colon.

Or something like that. 8-)



  1. Congratulations on winning the contest! That is a lot of Oatmeal and with my family it would have taken forever to agree on what kinds. In my house that "year" supply would be used up before the year was over.

    1. LOl...Kim it took us 3 DAYS to decide on which flavors. Or course, the family members who will actually EAT the oatmeal got more of a say on what to
      I guarantee this amount will not make it 6 months here, let alone a year! ;-)

  2. Yay you!!!! I love those instant oatmeal packs. I would have gotten all Maple and Brown Sugar.....yum!

  3. How did I miss this post? Congratulations! I would have been Old Fashioned in cannisters, all the way. My hens love it too, expecially cooked wiht sugar and salt in the winter. They get it sprinkled on the ground in the summer. Four cases of Old Fashioned would probably last me a year. You did well.

  4. Congrats, lady! I would love that prize.


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