Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Will You Stand Up to The Bullies Today?

"I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand.  It's when you know you're licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what.  You rarely win, but sometimes you do." --Atticus Finch in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
 5% of the vote cast this election for a 3rd party candidate will END the 2 Party System and the stranglehold they have on real choice in this country.
 Sluggy--who you KNOW is serious about this because she had to PAY cash monies for her yard signs  8-)


  1. I'm a kind of Jill Stein girl myself but am truly not willing to help the one candidate I loath by taking away from the other that takes into account more of my ideals.

    1. Thus we continue to vote these 2 parties into and out of power......it's all smoke and mirrors and bread and circuses.

      We need to stop listening to their rhetoric and take a deep look at their actions to really see where they are leading us.

      Dr. Stein has some good ideas too but she loses me on her lack of a plan for implementation and the lack of how we will pay for it all. But I am open to working together for the good of all our country like her and many of the non-D&R candidates.

      I just want us all to stop letting the 2 parties divide us so they can continue to control us while we are busy tearing each other apart. Neither party has the best interests of THE PEOPLE at heart anymore. We need a REAL dialogue in this country that takes EVERYONE'S best interests into account...not just the interests of those in control of the power and subsequently the wealth and their business partners.

      We are just too good in this country at holding onto the things that make us different/individual, even when those views cease to enhance our lives and only add contempt for those we perceive are 'agin us.

  2. I can go along with his wanting to legalize marijuana. How does he figure things will work if the private sector can create competing currencies? Abolish the IRS? And, then what? How does that work. I cannot find anything except the idea. There is no plan or explanation that I can find. What are your thoughts on the two points about IRS and competing currency?

    Yes, I do research and question!

    A comment I found:
    Breaking The Chains: Why Americans Submit

    When circus elephants are young, their trainers secure a heavy chain tightly around their ankles to keep them under control. As the elephant strains against the chain and continually fails, the elephant soon begins to give up and learns to be helpless. Later on, their trainers replace the heavy chain with a very small chain, one that the elephant could easily break. However, the elephant has been trained to not even try.The elephant believes that they are helpless and can never be free again. The elephant is the largest and most powerful land animal on the planet, yet they are be subdued by their own minds.

    The same can be said of the American people. We have been conditioned for so long by our present two party system, that we have given up our will to be free, or we pretend that we are truly free. When you mention peace, non-interventionism, free trade, ending the police state and following the Constitution, the average citizen will laugh at you.

    When you mention voting for someone else, other than the Big Two party candidates, they will tell you that "you have to vote for one, to beat the other". Sadly, neither of the Big Two parties are willing to break that small thin chain that binds us all.

    A 5%+ voting block for Gary Johnson adds a third major party, not obligated to the financial power elite, who fund both of the Two Big parties. Break those shackles and chains and free the Constitution from tyranny. Vote Gary Johnson... Vote for the "5% Solution"

    1. The IRS Question is easy.....Gov. Johnson, as well as other non-Libertarian followers are throwing their support behind a Fair Tax to replace the IRS. The IRS is way beyond needing to be fixed or replaced and frankly I don't see anyway to fix it. They've been tinkering with the IRS set-up for eons and every time something is implemented it just makes this way of taxing the public worse.
      I think that the Fair Tax plan is far superior to the Flat Tax plan(in all it's various incarnations out there). Go to Fairtax.org and you can read til the cows come home about what it is, how's it different/better/fairer than what we have now, etc. In a nutshell, it's a consumption tax scheme rather than a progressive tax scheme(like the IRS). There would be a flat consumption tax on everything we buy. No more taxing income(taxing the earning)...income is taxed when it is spent. So no more taxes coming out of your paycheck.
      Every person gets a Prebate check each month, this is a set amount, that is equal to the amount that it will cost you in taxes for the average person in American to purchase their "needs" for the month. It's cost neutral for anyone to live-rich or poor. If you spend over and above your "needs" in a month, that is where the tax will cost you out of your pocket.
      Items are only taxed once as well....if you buy used goods, there would be no consumption tax on those, since the items were already taxed when new.
      This would be a side benefit to our environment(more shopping of used goods instead of wasteful throwing out, thus less natural resources consumed to manufacture new goods).
      Think about it....no more thousands of tax loopholes, and as a result of that, no more need for lobbies of all kinds influencing government officials and legislators, no more layers of redundant IRS bureaucratic jobs to pay for with taxpayer dollars.
      It would also halt the millions in taxes that are lost each year to the underground economy of undocumented workers who have to avoid the IRS and are paid under the table by legitimate businesses. By taxing at the point of sale of goods/services the economy taps into all those dollars.

      And think about it....by not taxing work, it encourages more people to well, work!...and it discourages more people to spend, thus people will have more reason to spend wiser and to save their money.....side result--we see less debt and more people having a healthier fiscal bottom line.
      Models of this system have shown that most peoples taxes would go down and the rate of return in taxes would go up.

      I believe the competing currencies is all about abolishing the FED, which is another nightmare we have in this country. Abolish the federal monetary system and keep monetary policy at the local/state level. I know that we swung back and forth in this country in the first 100 yrs. between a centralized and a state's run monetary system....I don't know how wise or if decentralized system can work in this day and age but the federal banking system needs scrutiny and changing and badly!!

      I like that you are questioning and researching. Hubs and I have brought our kids up to never take anything someone in power says for the truth without doing their homework.
      I sure wish more people in this country exercised their minds at least as much as they seem to exercise their mouth and their channel changing finger. ;-)

  3. Sluggy,
    Thanks for the information. And, you did know I would research? Question? That is me!

    I was so afraid I was rearing cynical children when they were 7 and 5 and started complaining to me about the ads for toys in cereal, how they were junk, not like in the ads and were not worth buying sugary cereal to get them. Oh, this mother's heart was so hurt for her childre, thinking she had removed joy and so proud they saw the error of those trying to influence them to consume.I am afraid I reared three savvy consumers and critics of what they hear from the powers that be.

    You have convinced me, but you have not changed my vote this time. I will be more open to these issues and Libertarians from now on.

  4. So nothing changed last night. He only has 4 more years right? Here in Canada a prime minister can be re-elected for numerous terms.

    I can't wait to see how long it takes for them to FINALLY stop blaming George Bush. Year 9 perhaps?

  5. Oh and you guys seriously need more than 2 parties to choose from. We here at least get to choose from the lesser of four evils.


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