Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Put The Brakes on Consumerism for Awhile

Hopefully everyone will be happily sleeping off the Turkey coma tomorrow, while surrounded by their loved ones.
If you spend Thanksgiving instead plotting and planning and standing in lines in the wee hours of the night in order to stampede into a store on Black Friday, please reconsider doing that.

I know it's a funny video but seriously, is any item in the world really worth the stress and aggravation of Contact Shopping in a Mob?
You all know me, and how frugal I can be, but you won't find me taking part in the Mass Hysteria that Black Friday shopping has become.  Saving $10 or $20 is not worth the potential for bodily harm that going out into these mobs can lead to.

How about we take a 24 Hour break from Consumerism on Black Friday?

More about that HERE.
Let's actually NOT rush out less than 24 hours after spending the day giving Thanks for all we have to go to the stores to get more.
What a Concept! ;-)

If we have to shop and spend money, how about we wait until Saturday November 24th, and support local businesses instead of big boxes and those mall stores?

Buy your gifts from local small businesses in your community.  Why not support your neighbors and keep more money in your own local economy?  You can learn more HERE about this initiative.

And as we start spending away our money in this Season of the Shopocalypse, let's remember that the Season is not about acquiring more stuff and buying the love of our family and friends with more trinkets, to fill our already overstuffed lives and homes with more redundant crap we don't need.

Don't buy into the consumer culture!
Look around at all you have.......will having more make your life any better?

Take all that money you use to spend on more stuff at the Holidays and use it to do some good in the world.
Buy farm animals for families in 3rd World countries, make a business loan to a struggling entrepreneur in Indonesia, or support a sorely needed dental clinic right here in Appalachia USA.

Let your family and friends know you'd appreciate their monies going to where it's NEEDED in the world, not to buy you yet another sweater at Lord & Taylor or another tray of cheese from Hickory Farms.



  1. My son will be here for Thanksgiving (yay!), then for Black Friday, I have a doc's appt, then I plan to hunker down and stay away from shopping :)

    1. I'm glad to hear your son will be spending the holiday with you! Are you still in Pburg or did you move back to State College? Email me privately....

  2. There are no videos or pictures. I have gifts or plans in place for gifts, so I won't be fighting over an electric cart on Black Friday. I would just get trampled and cry.

    1. Might be an issue with your computer or your browser? Ok, the 1st one wasn't showing in IE but was in Firefox...I fixed it now, try refreshing your screen.


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