Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lest We Forget

Never forget that many that have gone before you have given of themselves to keep you free.
Many have given their all doing their duty.
And many who didn't have their all taken from them, were changed irreparably nonetheless.

Take a moment today, on this Veteran's Day to remember the great cost at which your freedom was won and is protected to this day.

Thank the veterans in your family tree, both living and dead.

Here, we'll be celebrating men like.....

Robert Foster, Ensign Army, Revolutionary War

Joseph James Hamilton, Private Army Reserve Corp., C.S.A., died as a POW

Raymond Maxwell Harper,  Private Army, World War II

Frank Bowman, Sgt. Army Corp of Engineers, World War II

Steve Arcure, Private Army Air Corp, World War II

and Anthony Arcure, Navy, Vietnam War (no photo)

Except for the last name above, our veterans are all gone now.

War is terrible.  Ask anyone who has had to fight.
We should not enter lightly into wars of an offensive nature.
A strong defense is however a different matter.

While we don't have troops fighting in Iraq any longer we need to bring the troops home from Afghanistan as well.

Show some appreciation to those veterans in your life who are still with us.
And donate to the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT to help our Military Heroes who need a hand transitioning back to civilian life.
They gave themselves to keep you safe.
What can you do to keep them well.



  1. Wonderful post!! :) We owe them everything!

  2. I am grateful everyday to our veterans.


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