Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Food Spending NOVEMBER Week 3, Meal Planning Week 4

Happy shining teen faces, ready for pie.
Ok, so ONE of them is visibly happy.....call me shocked......

Well I am thankful THAT is over with.....aren't you? ;-)
Seriously, I am at that age where my kids should be grown(if I had birthed them sooner), have partners(hopefully be married) and be making me grandkids.
Along with that comes matriarchal status and being invited to their homes for Thanksgiving, where I sit on my fat ass and someone else slaves in the kitchen and SERVES ME Thanksgiving Dinner!
But alas, we are still many years away from that happening.......if EVER......lol
Now it's onward to the next Holiday and keeping all the plates in the air and spinning.

Can you? lol


And here is what actually got served last week....
Sunday--Chili, Cornbread
Monday--2 people Taco Bell, me that leftover chicken in a homemade Quesadilla, Corn
Tuesday--Everyone found their own dinner(take-out or made something from what we had on hand)
Wednesday--Leftover Chili,or What You Can Find
Thursday--Turkey Dinner, Pie
Friday--Subway Sandwiches

The food spending last week was $142.39 for $361.37 reg. retail worth of goods. And all but $8.16 of that $142.39 was spent AFTER Thanksgiving. 8-))
Yes Friday and Saturday I was burning through the food budget money grabbing those Holiday deals, wasn't I?
I have gone through $344.93 of the food money for November and have $55.07 left to get through until Saturday.


Going into this week, I have leftover Thanksgiving foods still and a big pot of chili.  The chili will go into the freezer now as everyone is sick of eating it.lol   I'll move the Spaghetti that didn't get served/made last week to this week.

This week's menu....
Tuesday--Spaghetti and Meatballs, Green Beans
Wednesday--Chicken and Dumplings
Thursday--Pork Chops with Apricot Glaze, Mashed Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes, Beets
Friday--Pizza, Salad

This week I need to use up only a couple of Thanksgiving leftovers.  The turkey will be gone tomorrow when Hubs makes a turkey sandwich to take to work.  What is left of the carrots/parsnips are very overcooked now, so I'll mash that up and add to the dogs' dinners.  I am finishing the cranberry as I type this. ;-)  The rolls are being eaten in the mornings and the pies, well the pies lived a very short while.
R.I.P.  pies..... 8-))
The only things left are stuffing and the potatoes that I halved and baked in foil.  I'll use the taters on Thursday and I'll serve the stuffing with the pork chops that night as well.

Left to buy this week for this menu?.....Salad greens.  We have certificates for 2 free pizzas at a local shop so we'll use one of those, or both if everyone is home on Friday and is extra hungry.
I haven't looked at the ads this week yet.  I do have a $5 certificate to use at the Shursave Market(got it on Friday when I bought General Mills brand flour and frozen veggies).  Besides the greens, we'll need milk later in the week, but I think I can stay under $55 this week.

Do you have lots of leftovers to eat through still?  Or are you back to making fresh meals again?



  1. We attend Thanksgiving at my aunt's house, so no leftovers. Well, I have leftovers of all of the things I brought (I'm in charge of appetizers), so we have crackers, pickles, olives, cheese, & artichoke dip coming out of our whazoo. The husband is traveling a bunch in the next month, so I'm only cooking about 1x/week. For the rest, I'm foraging for freezer meals, & doing easy salads & sandwiches. No reason to cook!

  2. No leftovers here (no dinner). :( But I treated myself to some sweet potatoes and hamburger patties with a side of broccoli, and I love that sort of dinner!

  3. Looking at the glum teens I am reminded of the cell phone pictures my daughter snaps of her children. The teen looks glum while the preteen still smiles. The teen did smile when he was a child! I always enjoy the pictures of your children.

  4. I could not touch the left-overs for two days because I had to ease up my consumption then fast for my colonoscopy. Looking at that stuff in the fridge each time I went in to get that horrid Gatorade mix or to have a couple of spoonfulls of Jello was torture! The fact that I couldn't touch any of the desserts with nuts (which turned out to be all of them) was a killer. I am having turkey and stuffing tonight for sure!

  5. LOVE that smile!!! You might want to frame that one.
    We have so many leftovers, I've been making what I can for lunches out of them. I've been making casseroles when I can and the kids are having fun guessing what leftovers made this?!
    Now they just want NEW food. Eh - not for a while.


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