Friday, May 4, 2012

My Boring Food Shopping Trip & Other Snoozing Things

4 bottles of apple juice
4 boxes of taco shells
5 boxes of mac and cheese
3 bags of salad *not pictured*
1 bunch of celery *not pictured*
2 containers of mushrooms  *not pictured*

The apple juice, taco shells and mac & cheese were at their lowest price book price(.99¢, $1.25, .60¢ respectively) and were stock-ups.
The salad was at the lowest price of $1.99, the celery at low of $1.29 and the mushrooms at low of $1.99.
Mushrooms were necessary for a meal this week.
$23.20 spent.
$41.31 regular retail cost.

Weis has some Catalina deals this week but I seriously doubt I'll take part in those.  One is for junk food, the other is for pet food.  We just opened our last 2 large bags of dog food into the can which means our stockpile of that is gone.  I am risking having to buy the next batch for reg. retail by not stocking up.  Yes, this is how I live NOT buying dog

I'll be getting more juice, more taco shells, more salad and some canned green chilies this week instead.

And I won't be going to Rite-Aid again this week.  I haven't been to Rite-Aid or any drugstore for that matter since mid March!   I don't have +Ups expiring and there is nothing I need, so why buy more toiletries?
I have put myself on a ban from buying the usual toiletries until what I have is gone.  Ok, so it's more a ban so the KIDS use up what we have.  If I go buy....or more accurately "get" more since I don't pay money for it....if I go get more the kids will use the new stuff instead of using the old stuff.
They just don't get this whole "rotate the stock" deal.  So we are on Toiletries Lockdown with it!

I don't need to shop, even much grocery shopping.
So I don't.
And I grocery shop close by in town.  No trips down the mountain to Wegman's or Price Chopper or CVS or Target or Walmart.  Just Weis or the independent market in my town.
I hardly ever leave town.
Heck I hardly ever leave my house lately!

It keeps me from spending money unnecessarily....which is a good thing.
And I save gas.  I bought gas almost 4 weeks ago and still have a full tank.  I think I've put 20 miles on the car in the last 3 weeks.

But it gives me nothing to write about.

I could show you a list of what food I bought in April......
or I could show you the bag of weeds I pulled up trying to clean the front flower bed.

Sometimes being frugal and living simpler isn't exciting or interesting.

I apologize for being THIS boring! 8-(

So can you top me in the boring department?



  1. Hi Sluggy! How the heck are you?!? No Rite-Aid shopping since mid-March -- wow! I confess I haven't even been near a Rite Aid since I moved at the end of Feb, but that's because I'm still learning my way around here and Rite Aid isn't anywhere nearby. However, I'm still living off my stockpile from the last two years (LOL!) so I don't really need to go anytime soon.

    Hope all is well!!!

  2. I can't believe that you haven't been shopping in that long. You should post before and after pics of your dwindling stock. See that is exciting. Well maybe not but I find it intriguing.
    "Yes, this is how I live NOT buying dog"-I like how you roll.

  3. You my dear are never boring


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