Monday, March 14, 2011

Randomness on a Monday.....

* I know you are all dying to know how I did on the Focus Group!
Well I snagged 3rd place in the final task Contest which added another $50 to the check I am anticipating the arrival of any week now.
Even though it was a looooong 6 weeks and some days I dreaded the pressure of having to meet a deadline(here at Chez Sluggy, I AM mostly the deadline hander-outer, not the deadline meeter), I miss being part of the Group now.  Whatever shall I do with all this free time on my hands??  Oh, right....clean the house like I was able to avoid for the last 6

*  I have my own theory about all the stuff happening around the Pacific Rim.  I believe that the cause of it all is Charlie Sheen!
Think about it.....things like this don't happen in a vacuum.  It's like a Cosmic Domino Effect.  One event leads to the next, to the next, to the next, etc.
Charlie Sheen goes off his rocker aka "gravitates out of his orbit" as it were.  The pull of this radiates west and causes one week later, the active eruption of Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii.  A week after that a now 9.0 Earthquake and resulting Tsunami wipes out whole cities of buildings in northern Japan.  All because of Charlie Sheen. 
Ok, so this what I wrote a couple of days ago.....before the nuclear reactors started melting down and so many where reported dead and missing.  I'm all for having fun but now?
Seriously, these disasters are horrible and I think only positive thoughts for good outcomes for anyone dealing with these situations.  Take a minute to pray, reach out to the cosmos, send healing white light, or whatever you do and believe in.  The folks impacted need all the positive vibes they can get!

* I feel I am suffering from URF, aka "+Up Rewards Fatigue".   Rite-Aid shoppers in increasing numbers are coming down with this malady.  The main complaint is burn-out from figuring out how to roll/spend down/convert to cash all those +Up Rewards we earn shopping the deals at Rite-Aid.  Making it worse is the fact that Rite-Aid keeps running the same deals over and over again.  Enough with the Oreos, Nivea Lip stuff and Gillette Razors and Holiday candy!  Geesh, I almost go into a diabetic coma just smelling the air as I walk into Rite-Aid and have to pass through the Sugar Gauntlet of Holiday Candies/Chocolates.

*  I am so ready for Spring to come.  But at what cost?  Because of the warming in the weather,  I found that an unwelcomed visitor has taken up residence in the garage the other night.....Mr. Field Mouse.  I guess the lure of warmth(well, warmer than outside)in the garage combined with the spilled dog food(thanks so much kids! who feed the dogs)was just too awesome an invite for him to turn his nose up at.
The mouse traps are set and we await the capture of Mr. FM anytime now.  If you have experience in shoving 27 boxes of pasta noodles, 8 boxes of oatmeal and 3 bags of flour from the shelves in the garage into my already overstuffed pantry, I'd appreciate the help! 

*  Daughter got a letter from her 5th choice college the other day.  In order to lure her to send in her deposit and tell them she is attending there in the Fall, they have awarded her(before the financial aid stuff has been all decided)a Board of Governor's Scholarship which will cover 1/3rd of her tuition.  Considering the school, it isn't a lot of money and doesn't cover much of the total cost of attending for an on-campus student, but hey!  it's nothing to look down your nose at!lol
Daughter poo-poo'ed it.
I looked her in the eye and said you had better keep that letter in your back pocket until the financial aid letters start rolling in from the other 4 schools because depending on what you get elsewhere, you may end up needing that scholarship offer!  She looked at me and turned green.  I guess she figured her dad and I would just cave in eventually if PITT didn't give her enough aid to cover her costs, after we handed over the chunk of cash we told her we would contribute.  Silly, silly think that I didn't actually mean what I said!  Oh, I guess even though we'll be shelling out for 2 teens in college next school term, she believed we'd just hand over whatever it costs or that PITT would just let her attend even if she didn't pay the the term in full if she smiled & batted her lashed at them  a la Scarlett O'Hara enough.

*  So who is ready for another Giveaway?  I feel we need to do one.....  At least it would give me something to write

Off to get my Meal Plan done now....



  1. Yes, I hope that your Focus Group thing was worth it. Both financially and personally rewarding. It seems that you are such a busy Gal. I don't know where you find the time to do all that you do.
    And good luck catching that mouse of yours. I'm sure that he's a big fat pig by now with all that food in you garage. I'm thinking about moving into your gargage myself.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Mark--I'd hold off moving into the garage until I finish reorganizing it. At this point we'd lose you in a hoarders type collapse out there!lol

  3. By all means, make sure daughter hangs on to that letter. Samantha ended up going to the school that offered her the most money and though it was not her first choice, she ended up loving it. And graduated with minimal student loans.

  4. I too, am the one that hands things out! LOL
    Congrats on your daughter getting an award letter. That is awesome!

  5. Frances--Good for Sam! I told Daughter basically that with our chunk of $ and this award, she could attend and graduate with a degree from there with NO loans! Not sure if this is going to sway her since it's her 5th choice but hey!, if she wants debt, it's on her.

    SonyaAnn--Thanks lady! Now do I need to come there and tie that hand behind your back so you can't hand it out?!lol

  6. Congrats to your daughter on that letter! It's more and more difficult each year to get a kid through college without going into one's own version of the national debt. Our son got through Penn State debt free (by the skin of his teeth), but is now looking at huge debt to go to a 3-yr art school. We all went to dinner the other night and he looked through the "financial planning letter" that the art school sent him and at all the extra money he'd have to come up with beyond what they could find for him. We chose that time to tell him we've got a chunk he can have for each year, but even that doesn't cover the remainder, and then there are all the living expenses. He's determined to do this and do it on his own, so I'm really pulling for him! I just hope he doesn't regret it years from now when he realizes he might not have needed to go so far into debt to get a graphic-artist career off the ground. But I'm no artist, so I don't really know.

    Hope your mouse makes a graceful, non-messy exit. At least you haven't got rats - they're big. LOL!

    Is there a program for recovering Up-Users who've burned out? You should start one!


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