Sunday, March 6, 2011

Decluttering and Donating

If you are into decluttering be sure and check out my bloggy friend Mark's blog HERE.  Most Fridays he posts his weekly decluttering, or should I say bounty?  Anyway, HERE is a recent example of what he's sent packing.  Be sure and go check out his efforts and cheer him on!
Gotta love a man who fights the urge to hoard his kid's outgrown clothing.....

Well I DID get a donation for Sallie's together for February!
Here it is.....
 One big trash bag full of assorted used clothes......

And another bundle of mostly clothes and some odds and ends.
Among the odds and ends is an MP3 player my Daughter had to have one Xmas, that's been sitting in my desk for a couple of years now.  Everyone has Windows 7 here now so we can't upload anything to it.  I hate technology......well, the fact that things go obsolete so quickly!
The rest of it mainly is a load of my sweaters.  5 of them I never even took the tags off of, let alone wear them.  They were my size, the right colors and styles that don't make me look like a troll(a rare thing!lol)AND they were a "deal".  So I bought them.
Let's not get into the fact that I don't WEAR Sweaters....ever!
I live in PA on the top of a mountain.
Even so, I wear a winter coat maybe 3 days out of the year....if that many.(We won't get into the fact that I have a winter coat hanging in the downstairs Coat Closet that I have never worn.  It's been around since Clinton was in office, or since my Daughter was an infant....)

I go outside the snow even.
I am a walking 24/7 Hot Flash....not just since menopause but ALWAYS.
Why the hell am I buying sweaters?!?!LOLOL

So after keeping them safe and snug in my cedar chest for the last oh.....7 years or so!....I have let them go, hopefully to a new owner who will actually WEAR them.

We got our donation together in February and Hubs actually dropped it off on Friday, March 4th.  I am still going to call it a Feb. donation.
Monday morning, we begin gathering the March donation.

So what clutter have you sent packing outta your life lately?



  1. Were we separated at birth? I, too, have been hot all my life. So were my children even as infants. My daughter's 1st grade teacher told me not to dress her so warmly. Now, that daughter lives in NYC and wears tank tops all winter. Over that she wears a lightweight sweater, mostly twin sets. Her children are both hot little things. So, the house is usually chilly, she told me the other day. I am the first of my friends to get hot and the last to get cold. But, I will tell you a little secret--since I hit 63, I can tell that my temp is dropping just a bit. Still, I have a one-layer nylon coat as a winter coat, worn over a thin cardigan worn over a thin top, sleeveless, usually.

    I bought pullover sweaters for years and never wore them. I finaly quit that!

    Donated? I have a load of things to go to a thrift store that uses the money to run a food bank. It is Christmas stuff for the kitchen, stuff I never use, magazines, and things I cannot remember. I am mailing items belonging to my children's childhood to them, and selling the rest.

  2. In my case, it's more like returning items to the thrift store. Mostly clothing I rented from them for a year or so and have since decided I don't like anymore and/or just never wear. I have 3-4 small bags of clothes in van to be dropped off next time I'm in the neighborhood.

  3. I am so proud of you! Your de-clutting effort has totally turned me on. How sad is that that I'm now aroused by getting rid of stuff? Things have really gone down hill for me, I guess. Anyway, congratulations of you "booty". Doesn't it feel good? So you live on a mountain in PA, huh? That must be you I see looking down on me here in the Valley.
    Your Friend, who is very proud of you, m.

  4. Good for you!!! Way to purge! I'm a 24/7 walking hot flash myself... No fun, huh?

  5. I'm the opposite of the constant hot flash - I'm cold even in the summer (although I hate to break a sweat so admittedly I don't move around much in the summer - I mostly just sit and sip drinks). Anyway, yay on decluttering and donating!! I have a stack of just-read books, a picture frame, some colored pencils and some other items all sitting in a box waiting to go to Goodwill. I was there in the same shopping center just a week or two ago but totally forgot to take the box along (that's pretty typical for me, unfortunately). Now that we have The Shed, I'm hoping beyond hope that DH not only moves his crap out of the house and into The Shed, but also throws a LOT of stuff away as he's sorting. Unfortunately, I have seen his idea of packing and moving in action, and it usually involves taking everything from a pile and sticking it in a box. Seriously, we have our $75/mo storage unit filled with boxes of things he insists we must bring back into the house (even though we haven't needed any of it for almost a year now) because ... well, just because. AUGH! But once those things come back, I may start culling again when he's asleep or off at band practice :) I am learning to be sneaky.

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  7. Good for you! I don't wear sweater either. But I DO live in Texas. LOL!

  8. Practical P--Maybe we were separated at

    AnnieJ--LOL I like that...."rented" clothing.

    Mark--Thanks for the support. Unless you have very VERY good binoculars, that isn't me peering down on

    Pretty--I feel your pain about the storage unit. How about you tell DH that he can only keep what he can fit into his big ass shed? Works for me!lol

    Lisa--Are you off your meds again? Seriously hon, I don't know who you think I am but you've got the wrong

    Frances--If I lived in Texas I'd get arrested for indecent exposure when walking down the street 9 months of the


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