Friday, June 4, 2010

TGIF!.....1 more day

Yes, one more day of relatives and counting........and 1 more day until the weekend too. ;-)
This week has been K-double R-AZY!!
House guests, a cook-out, getting the pool open for the season, college smartass son home still(but not wanting to be here-if you know what I mean!), school field trip, hosting dinners for relatives, #1 son having a girlfriend over every-single-day for 3 weeks, doctor's appointments, trying to make arrangements for camp, a teeny bit of eBay stuff, extra cooking, some organizing out in the garage, gardening and of course, a teeny bit of blogging and finding time to sit on my big fatass in front of the computer.
There was also the National Honor Society ceremony at the high school.  Here's our brilliant daughter.....
And here with her aunt and uncle....
And as always, they spelled her last name wrong.
You would think that having been in this school district since 2nd grade they could at least get that right?!?

 Here's some pics of the garden beds from the weekend before last, when we finally were able to plant stuff.  These hopefully will have lovely heads of cauliflower some day.....

And here are a couple tomato plants and Italian pepper plants....

Under my Magnolia Tree we put the other pepper plants.....these are suppose to  be yellow when ripe I think.

This past Saturday we bought some more seedlings and have put those in, as well as sown some seeds.  #1 son helped me sew the pole beans and the lettuce mix this week amidst much grumbling and gnashing of teeth....I did the gnashing while he handled the grumbling.
We still have a few patched to sew this weekend.  Some of the seed was old so I'll wait a week and if nothing germinates, I'll lay down some fresh seed.

This weekend we need all hands outside to do yardwork.....lots of weeding/weed wacking around stuff, a flowerbed needs massive help, a dead tree needs chopping down and we need to attempt to care about the lawn and at least make motions like we are fertilizing and sewing grass seed, etc. on it.

My eBay listings/photos/sorting junk/making up Sallie's donations has been put on hold this week, as I have not been free to tear up the living areas and fill them with half filled boxes and piles of stuff.  This will resume after the weekend.

Daughter needs underwear(oh, I hope she doesn't read this!lol)and swimsuits for camp.  She has lost weight and she really needs a whole new wardrobe as everything is falling off of her...literally, falling off.  We'll do a mother/daughter consult this weekend and come up with a plan that doesn't bust the bank or the budget.

I have not been in a store at all since last Saturday and have enjoyed the break.  I think my streak will end today though as we need some groceries and there are a few 'deals' I want...mostly on dairy items....cheese at GiantPA, a diary Catalina at Weis that includes ice cream!!!, and milk at the local Shurfine affiliated market.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets some good weather so they can spend some time outside!



  1. Congrats to your daughter on both herMational Honor Society acievement and her weight loss! You have a great weekend also and I hope you get a chance to relax!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter. Love all the plantings. I so want a magnolia tree.

  3. What a smart and beautiful daughter you have!

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Congrats to your daughter - how wonderful (the honory society achievement and weight loss)!!!

  5. Congrats to your daugther. I need to go take a nap after ready all you have had going on this week!


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