Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Merriment and Mayhem is oh-so Memorial...or is That Memorable?

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend.

It was merriment and mayhem!

The relative arrived on Sunday afternoon and was soon followed by another of DH's siblings(though they aren't sleeping here).
So on Memorial Day, for our 'quiet & small picnic', we had a full compliment of 11(and 1 more later on that evening) once assorted teens brought assorted friends over. 
With the unseasonably warm weather this early in the year, DH was able to get the pool open for the picnic.  The heat on Monday raised the pool temp. to 74 so most everyone spent some time in the pool.

 I spent all day prepping, standing over the grill cooking and then cleaning up, followed by a quick dip in the pool.  By 9pm Monday I was beat and too tired even for a drink.

And I have NO photos of the day, since no one else could be bothered to pick up the camera and take some shots while I was working my hiney off.....

Not to be totally UNpatriotic, we did have my BIL, who is a Vietnam Vet at the party, so we paid homage to him throughout the day. ;-)

Besides the eating and swimming, we celebrated 2 birthdays--the nephew's birthday which was earlier in the month....
 Hide your keys and stay off the highways.....he's old enough to drive now!EEK!!lol

 And #1 son's birthday which will be next month when he is away working at summer camp.....
Don't even ASK what he is laughing at!  You would be sorry.......
Happy 19th bday a tad early kiddo!

You'll notice our elegant 'partyware' cups in the last shot.  Instead of disposables we used regular drinkware and duct taped everyone's name to their cup. 
Nothing says FESTIVE like DUCT TAPE!

I used plastic utensils, though it's my 'permanent set' that I reuse for outdoor eating every time.  I spent a good deal of energy fishing those out of the garbage since people just assume you throw those away after 1 use.....not here!lol 
I did break out a pack of my emergency paper plates however(I hide them so don't tell the kids I still have some...shhhhh!!).  It saved me a little on the clean up required.

We topped off the evening by showing #1 son's 'girlfriend' some old home movies.......specifically, #1 son at 2 yrs. old and making his 1st 'poopies in the potty' milestone.
Ah, fun times......

Yes, I am THAT kind of mom.....lolol



  1. What fun....well, not so much for you. Though now that you worked your hiney off, your butt sure looks good.

    "Nothing says festive like duct tape." ROFLMAO

  2. I'm that kind of a mom too! I won't specifically show the girlfriends the photo albums, BUT I'll tell my youngest daughter where they are...

  3. Frances--**looking in mirror at butt**Do you really think it's looking better? I think you have mine confused with someone

  4. why didn't I think of that?....Genuis!!

  5. When we have big family gatherings, we are 90% of the time at my aunt's house. And a million years ago we bought a package of those big red plastic cups you see everywhere. And wrote everyones' names on them with a marker or nail polish. They are saved and used over and over again.

    Also? If you leave your cup sitting around unwashed everyone knows it and rags on you till you take care of it.

    Win, win!

    p.s. I do like your duct tape idea, though!

  6. I loved this and it gav me quite a chuckle! Thanks for sharing!

  7. "Yes, I am THAT kind of mom.....lolol"

    You, too?! Just another reason I love reading your blog :)


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