Sunday, June 20, 2010

JUNE Food Stamp Challenge....Days Eighteen & Nineteen

Well the last 2 days of the Food Stamp Challenge were pretty quiet.
Sorry for the lack of photos but my camera is having issues.  It shut down on me again while taking shots of the garden progress on Friday, telling me to change the batteries.  I just changed the batteries last week!!  I think it's on it's last legs.....sigh
We did a quick run to the store for hot dog rolls=$1.00.  That was all the shopping that was done on those 2 days.

On Day 18-Friday-I fed #2 son and his friend pigs in a blanket in the afternoon.  Costs for items I already had going into June....$.95(5 dogs), $.50(roll of whack dough), $.05(mustard), $1.00(can of chili)=$2.50

We deviated from the meal plan this week and cooked dogs out on the grill also that evening.  Hebrew Nationals on rolls with fresh cut-up Cantaloupe.  As it was too hot to cook inside and a big heavy meal was out of the question, this hit the spot.  Cost of things already bought before June...$1.13(6 more dogs), $.25(condiments).  Total spent for Friday=$4.88

**In case anyone is wondering how come my Hebrew Nationals only cost me .189¢ ea.....I stock up on them in the spring when they go on sale seasonally.  With the sale and the coupons I usually get them for $1.50 a package(sometimes lower).  8 dogs in a pack=$.189 ea.  I usually buy enough to last us until the next Spring and then stock up again.  We usually go through 16-20 packages a yr.
Since I have various neighborhood teens eating through the house in the summer I do buy 'lesser quality' dogs too for that purpose.  I don't buy the really low quality kind but I can usually find 'good' quality dogs in the markdown case for around $1.00 a package.**

We had additional food expenses later that evening when 3 teens decided they needed feeding after some time in the pool.  I served them hot cocoa(made with milk) and a small cake(used a cake mix to make 2 small cakes, 1 went into the freezer for later).  I couldn't believe that they fit 1/2 the bag of marshmallows into their mugs with the cocoa!lol
Costs--$.50(marshmallows), $.00(milk already accounted for this month), $.25(4 envelopes cocoa mix), $.50(cake mix), $.75(frosting)=$2.00
Friday's costs...$7.88

On Day 19-Saturday-we had homemade Chinese Food.  My version of Sesame Chicken.  Besides the chicken I also sauteed a bag of frozen "Stir-Fry Assortment of Veggies" with some sesame and olive oil.  Steamed up some white rice and then put it all together with a generous handful of cashew pieces on top.
Good eats at a homemade price(chicken $.99 for a lb., bag of veggies $1.00, rice $.75, nuts .50¢, ingredients for sauce and oils $1.00)=$4.24 to feed 3 people.
Saturday's costs....$4.24

Both Days combined costs....$12.12 

Spent to Date....$167.33
June Food Budget Left....$243.39
Days of Challenge Left....11



  1. You are doing great! Way to fill up teens without emptying your wallet.

    I have to admit, I will buy cheap hotdogs, even for us. They all taste pretty much the same to me. LOL! But I stocked up a few weeks ago when a sale and coupons got Oscar Mayer dogs for $.50/pack. We are styling with the expensive dogs now! WhooHoo!

    They went in the freezer and will last us for many months, as we don't eat them often.

  2. Frances--Look at you Miss Oscar Meyer
    We are dog snobs here I guess....only Hebrew Nationals, Nathan's or Sabrett's will do. Ok, and dirty water dogs from Manhattan dog carts but I'd have to go to NYC for those and I don't do that


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