Tuesday, June 8, 2010

JUNE Food Stamp Challenge....Day Six & Seven

This post is part of the June Food Stamp Challenge over HERE.

I had wanted to show a photo of our yummy meals the last two days but with the general craziness here I haven't gotten a photo taken before we ate so you get to look at the yummy leftovers.

Day Six on Sunday I took 3 bags of Noodles in Alfredo/Broccoli Sauce from the stockpile and used that as the base for dinner.  I added leftover from last week 2 pan sauteed in EVOO chicken breasts, cut up, as well as that package of precooked chicken I bought at Weis on Saturday....together it was about 1lb. of chicken.  Then I added a whole 1lb. bag of mixed veggies from the freezer.  We served this casserole-y dish with leftover salad from Friday.  We have 1 helping left from this meal.  We even had an extra mouth to feed that meal(a teen friend of one of our teens-who ate 2 helpings!) so this 1lb. of chicken sure stretched a long way.
**The cost of the items from the stockpile--3 bags of noodle side dish & frozen vegetables--was $1.75.

Then on Day Seven(Monday)I made Beef Stew in the crockpot.  I had a veggie stock in the freezer which was free from a pan of roasted veggies last fall & the leftover London Broil pieces.  I put in onions & carrots(had those), 4 potatoes(had to buy Monday morning)and added a can of green beans at the end.  Served this with whack crescent rolls, also already here in the fridge.  There are 2 large helpings of Stew left(no rolls however).

My grocery purchase for this meal was $1.99 for the bag of potatoes.
**The cost of the items I had already--carrots, onions, green beans, rolls--was $2.65.

"Spending" for the last 2 Days....$1.75+$1.99+$2.65=$6.39.

Spent to Date....$94.30
June Food Budget Left....$316.42



  1. Amazing, Sluggy. Can Hubby and I come to your house to eat???

  2. I want to come to your house so you can show me how to save like you do. How about a coupon/rebate/stockpiling class? I'm still amazed at how much you buy for so little.

  3. Frances--Come on over anytime! Seriously....

  4. Sheila--Thanks for the compliment. It does take some planning and if you are OCD with numbers it helps.lol I thought about giving a class at the local Adult Education session but I live in such a teeny tiny town that I fear that I'd make so many people so good at doing this that I would NEVER find any good deals on the shelves ever again!lolol But I am always here to help/teach/encourage my friends, so if you want to know something specific just email me privately. I'd be glad to help! ;-)


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