Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cleaning Digital House

Ok...I admit it.
I am a digital hoarder!
What can I say?

I have a hard time sending old emails to the virtual recycle bin.  The current Inbox count is over 1400 wonder I lose stuff!lol  And that's not counting all the emails in my various folders.

Speaking of emails, I am signed up to way too many website/company email alerts.

Last year, when I began the Year of Living Extreme Couponing, I subscribed to every big and alot of not-so-big Couponing/Deal Blogs.  Now I don't chase some many deals, but I am still getting all those email alerts and my inbox is like Grand Central Station during rush hour!
And you know what?.....most of those Deal Websites spew out the same deals over and over and over again, so I am hearing about a particular *HOT* deal something like 30 times a day.

Seriously, who needs that?

I have found that I rarely check on the Deal Blogs anymore.  Since I don't have a national chain grocery store here I find very few cover the stores I need information on. 

Over the past year I have found that I tend to gravitate to 'frugal' know, the small personal blogs of people sharing their real life struggles with money(or the lack thereof), family and life in general.  That's the key.....they may talk about the Deals too but it's the SHARING of themselves that interests me more.
And having a sense of humor is a BIG Plus!!lol

My computer's Favorites list has also grown too cumbersome.
I scroll down it forever to find a web page I want to view.  I just went and clicked on a few and some of the blogs aren't even around anymore.

Plus I really need to backup some files on a flash drive since my machine is by techno-geek standards a 'dinosaur' and due for a complete meltdown any month now....ugh!
I also really need to export my blog content to a flash drive as well.

It's all become Digital Clutter in my life.

And as in the words of that great philosopher Popeye the Sailor Man,  I've gotten to the "it's all I can stands, I can't stands no more!" stage.

So this afternoon is all about cleaning my digital house and getting it organized and ship shape.  Something tells me this might be a 2 day job you subscribe to any "Deal Blogs"?  How many do you find is enough to get the information you need?  And which ones do you prefer?

And which blogs are in your favorites?  Share some of your favs and I'll share some of mine next time too.



  1. I SO need to clean digital house, too. Except for the deal blogs, I could have written this post. I also have way to many photos on the hard drive. I should know better, I've lost some before; I really need to get them somewhere safer.

    I read all my favorite blogs through Google Reader, and don't have to worry about them bogging down my Favorites/Bookmarks list. I try to keep them updated on my blog, so if you want to know who I read most, they're in my blog roll.

  2. Sluggy, we are digital twins! I follow so many deal blogs that I have started to delete them. Even when I read them, I still work out my own deals with the sales paper and my coupon binder. So I am not even using that info. I, too, like the blogs about people's lives and love to read anything about frugal living.

    I think you have inspired me to do some more cleanup of my blog dashboard. (My favorites/ bookmarks are pretty lean and mean most of the time.)


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