Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More April Donations....Clutter G-O-N-E!

Here is what is leaving the house this week.....

More goodies we hauled up from the basement--
* 2 Pewter Mr. Spock Figurines...poor Mr. Spock no one on eBay is loving on him anymore

* 1 Grinch Ceramic Cookie Jar....cute but very limited as a decorative item since if you put this out on your kitchen counter all year people will begin to wonder about your sanity.  Perhaps I should have marketed it toward those people who keep their Christmas lights up all year?

* 1 more Crinkle Claus house....I think I am all 'crinkled' out now.

* 3 assorted Football Stadium Replicas-Penn State Beaver Stadium/Rose Bowl UCLA Stadium/Candlestick Park....these are actually quite nice on real wood bases, but because of the weight nobody wants to pay anything for them once you add on the shipping costs. 

2 used items....
* a Beagle Gum Ball Bank....#2 son's cast-off

* a Small Soldiers Activity Case with colored pencils, stamp pads, etc.....#1 son's cast-off

Then the new stuff....
* 3 Dept. 56 Christmas ornaments-replicas of different light-up houses done as ornaments...while the full sized light-up houses still sell ok, the ornies not so much.

* 2 Hot Wheels LE Christmas Cars with Surfing Santa....even the Limited Edition Hot Wheels market has bottomed out

* 2 boxes of Star Trek TNG Tv Show Cards-Season 4....again, not much Star Trek love out there anymore.

* 1 box of Star Trek Movie, tv love for either.  They are still mad for ST down in Australia but the weight to ship=not selling them.

*1 Boyds Pig.....cute OLD boyd's critter but it has a stain and I don't feel like spending an hour cleaning it so I make .79¢ on it after fees.

* 2 set of Ty Teenie Beanies 1998.....can't sell if for enough to buy me something off the $1 menu.

* 1 miniature Lionel Train Lunchbox tin....the only thing selling in Lionel is the old trains.  I fear this is one of the areas where the collectors are too old to spend their money on toys from their childhood.  They need that social security check to eat. lol

* 1 Limoge type porcelain trinket box in the shape of a beer NOT ask me why I bought this!

*1 Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz Musical Figure.....not sure why I never was able to sell's cute and WOZ and Glinda are still collectible.

* 1 Set of Stationery with Envelopes.....A personal item of mine but I have way too much stationery.  I have never been able to sell paper ephemera on eBay.

* 1 Small Soldiers Cassette Player and PA System w/microphone....a cool toy and Small Soldiers is still highly collectible in Europe but this is heavy so the shipping is an "ouchy".

Today's total....25 items.
Grand Total to date....96 items to Sallie's.
Add 78 items to the Food Bank=174 items G-O-N-E!


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