Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Great Moving Adventure.....Day Three, The End For Now

 We had a lovely breakfast after a restful night in Tuscaloosa Alabama.  A brief stop to gas up the cars and for a coffee and iced tea at a nearby Mickey D's and we were back on the road on the last leg of our journey to our daughter's house in Louisiana.  

Back on the interstate heading West into Mississippi.  Lots of truck traffic through MS(hubs almost got run off the road by one!)and we stopped in Vicksburg for late lunch/very early dinner at Popeye's then more gas at a Circle K near the Vicksburg Military Park and then over the Mississippi River to the first Louisiana rest stop to potty(us and the dogs)and eat.  Did I mention that is was upper 90's F still at every rest stop?  Should have done this trip in mid December for bearable weather. lol

Explain to me(if you can)the piece of lumber mostly painted white sticking out of the trash can at the rest stop.

It was hot as balls with trucks parked all willy nilly at this rest stop where they shouldn't be parked but at least the mostly treeless rest stop had covered pavilions with picnic tables.  We ate, dogs pottied and watered and after a quick human pee break we were back on the road.

You can't make it out from this photo but the ladies bathroom had high tide in there.

Hubs, me and the doggies had our photos taken in front of the LA sign at the rest area.  I sent one to daughter let her know we were in bayou(aka swamp)country now and would be arriving within 3-4 hours.

So we drove the last leg without incident, arriving at daughter and son in-law's house around 4pm.  We ate something but I can't remember what given it was 3 weeks+ ago.  We had to load our belongs into the house as well as the stuff for the dogs so that took awhile.

Thus we began our stay at daughter's house and sleeping on air mattresses for the foreseeable future.  I must say after two nights on those air beds we declared our aged bodies were too old for this shit. ;-)  But we were glad to be done with this part of our new lives.

Oh and here's my booty of found change from the 3 day journey South....

.98¢ total from drive-thrus and a bit of change from Hubs that he handed me(so I kept it).hehehe



  1. Welcome to Louisiana! I love hearing about your trip.

  2. Welcome to Louisiana, I’m so glad you made it safe and sound.

  3. I'm so looking forward to reading about your new home. I know it's her house, but it might have been a good thing for her to give up her bed.

  4. Welcome to Louisiana, and so grateful you made it there. Can't wait to read about your new adventures.

  5. GEAUX TIGAHS! My second fav football team bc they gave my daughter a full scholarship. Go visit the LSU campus in Baton Rouge. It is absolutely gorgeous! They also take tailgating at football games to another level, offering complete strangers shrimp, alligator bites, etc. before football games. Those folks know how to party also… lol. The food is fantastic in Louisiana! I am all about the food although I do know how hot it can be until November. Cindy in the South

  6. I'm just glad you have a real bed for a few days at least!

  7. The stick is garbage in the garbage. I’m confused what confusing 😆

  8. 'hot as balls' is hot indeed!

  9. The stick may be used to compact the trash when it gets full. I have a stick near ours for that purpose. I’m glad you ,are it safe and sound! Good deal on all the change you found including hubbys. 😂 😉

  10. An epic adventure for sure. It must be nice to be under a proper roof even if you have to suffer the air mattresses for a bit.



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