Thursday, October 20, 2022

September To-Do List

Here is how September's To-Do List turned out....

* Pay Bills  DONE  We got all the bills paid for Sept.  So many bills, soooo many bills....*Sluggy buries her head in her hands*

* Pack & Move  DONE  It was painful and long but we got it done.  3 days to drive here.

*Read 1 Book  FAIL  Is it any wonder why I didn't do this this month? lol

* Hold Giveaway  FAIL  No Giveaway in September and they are suspended until some unknown date.

* Mail Giveaway  FAIL Ditto

* Clean out Inserts/Coupon Envie  DONE  Well this chore has become easy as I haven't gotten a newspaper/coupon insert since August and I have very few coupons left.

* Edit more Old Photos  DONE  I almost caught on a photo editing until I went to Florida earlier in October. lol

* Post about Old Trips  FAIL  With the move I've done very little of anything but pack boxes, drive and survive at my daughter's house. 8-)

* Work on Genealogy  FAIL  Nope, see above.

* Arrange for moving POD and Dumpster rental  DONE  Dumpster came, was filled and left.  POD came, was filled and left.  Pods didn't hold it all so we had to rent a storage unit too which Hubs has to go back and bring that all down here.  Imagine if we hadn't gotten rid of a dumpster worth and about 12 car loads full of stuff to charity?  Geez

* Spend Bonus Cash  DONE  I spent it all down.  Got a few things we needed like dog food and snacks for the move.  I bought stuff for 2 employees I liked as well to use it all up.  Gonna miss Rite-Aid and my friends there. 8-(((

* Eat Down the Freezer/Pantry  DONE  We ate down as much as we could.  Anything we couldn't fit in two tubs(non-perishable stuff)was given away to family and friends.  We did have to throw a bit out as well.  Sigh.....

* Pack for the Move  DONE  Somehow it all got packed up with help from 2 of our adult kids.  We left some appliances(stove, fridge, dishwasher, washer, dryer, lawnmower, chest freezer, smoker)for whomever buys the house along with extra flooring material, ice melt, snow shovels, etc.

* Power Wash House and Porch  DONE  Younger son came and helped out with this.  The outside looked sparkly.  Hubs also did a final seal on the back deck.

* Put House on the Market  DONE  We signed the contract,  the agent brought in a cleaning crew to spiffy up the interior and the sign went up in the front yard before we got to Louisiana.

* Move  DONE  Yep we hauled ass outta PA September 12th and arrived here late on the 14th.  Now we wait for the house to sell.

While some To-Do List items fell by the wayside(cuz they weren't important or time sensitive right now)a lot got done(well it HAD TO get done!).  Moving halfway across the country is difficult even when things go right.  We've still got possessions in PA but by this time next week they will all be here in LA.  We donated or threw out what we didn't love and what would cost more to move than to replace once we landed somewhere here.

Do I ever want to do this again?  That would be a definite NO!  I'd rather slit my wrists actually.  I'll live here until it's time to haul my dead carcass off.  If you'd have told me I'd celebrate my 40th Wedding Anniversary by packing up my life and hauling it 1,431 miles I'd have said you need your head examined.  Moving puts a strain on finances and relationships in even the best marriages. 8-)

Can I just say that I am GLAD this phase is over?? ;-)

Have you ever pulled up stakes and moved your life a long distance?  What was your experience like?



  1. I know exactly how you feel. 17 years ago we packed up and moved from SW Florida to southern Illinois.1100 miles. I had asked my brother to come down and help load and help with the drive but instead him, his wife and my mother came down for our last week there. It was a nightmare. They were in vacation mode while we were packing up and leaving our home of 20 years.
    Once you find your new home I'm sure you'll feel more settled. And I'm with you on the fact I will never do a move like that again.

    1. OMGosh! What a nightmare that would be. I'd probably be in jail for manslaughter. lol We were here for 22 years. I feel your pain. ;-)

  2. I moved over 2000 miles for college in Utah at 17 yrs old, which was just clothes, etc. ditto on the move back four yrs later. I have moved nine times since then, but it was all over Mississippi and Alabama, so while it was a pain with four kids for several of the moves, it was not more than a few hours move each time. I loathe moving. Cindy in the South

  3. We are moving to WV From Pa 500 miles after 45 years here. We have started the downsizing what a nightmare already. We have a place need to sell present on. Taking our time health issues slowing us down. Enjoy your new home. Joyce

  4. I actually love moving, but getting Hubs to move is a royal pain and I will never do it again. I will kill him first. Yes you read it here folks.

  5. So glad you survived the move!!! Hopefully you will be settled into your new home soon and your home in PA will sell soon too.
    I agree with you, I hope to never move again. It is amazing how much crap we accumulate through the years. We moved about 6 hours away when the kids were 3 and 5. We had that u-haul truck packed to the brim with dh driving, and the kids and I and 2 cats following behind in the van. I thought that I was going to have to use the van to push that uhaul up some of those mountains on the way. ;) We had to go back with a trailer when we sold our house, and we were up All Night Long, cleaning and throwing stuff in the dumpster and on the trailer. Crazy times and I don't ever plan on doing that again. We probably have twice as much stuff now as we did then.

  6. Yes ma'am. Packed up my life in California, and moved to Missouri. Granted, I didn't live in the same abode for long, but I've lived in CA all my life. It was bittersweet. The actual drive was a nightmare, but the packing went well (I did it myself), renting a Uhaul and car dolly, loaded up with the help of my former husband. Like you, I'm camped out at his place until next year.

  7. We have moved twice. My beloved husband believes moving is easy (key item was that my employer paid for boxes and furniture to be moved in a moving van). Two months or so before the move date, I started boxing and sorting. He kept saying I worried needlessly. For two months I boxed and sorted. Three days before the movers arrived, he started packing. And when the day came to move, he said “see how easy it was and how you were freaked out about nothing?” Sigh. Double sigh. He did the same thing the second move but that time, I didn’t box up his clothes, and let him freak out the day before the movers came ;). My next move, I plan to grab a few things and then hand the key to an auction house and say, sell everything and send me a check….Hilogene in Az

  8. Ugh to Lori! What gets in people's heads? We only moved 3 miles after only ,3 1/2 years and that felt huge 31 years ago. I can't imagine what will happen in a few years. I say take what we really want and everything else can go. I'll start over.

  9. We moved six times in 11 years. Once I was pregnant unbeknownst to me, had an 18-month old, and was forced to move with my mother in icu! That baby was born in another city and moved to her third home at six months old where she barely celebrated her first birthday. She made four moves by age one. Once I moved with one child throwing up and the other having constant diarrhea for 500 miles. I was in charge of packing, period. That move was from Memphis, TN to the northern eastern corner of TN. At one house, we arrived to downed lines in the yard and I had let my son out to see his new house. He ran across electrical lines as I watched horrified, fearing the lines were live. No matter where we moved or whether I was pregnant, worried my mother would die, or with sick children, I carried the emotional burden and was never allowed to eat or feed the children properly. Once I was left alone and had to get church men to move us. Movings were a nightmare.

  10. Moving is for the birds! But I'm so glad to see some updates from you. I know ya'll will be glad when you get all settled in your new home. I know we will probably have to make at least one more move in our life. Our current home is two story and we want to downsize in a couple of years. Thankfully, it will be in the same town.

  11. We drove from California to Indiana with four very loud cats. Barely made it to the CA border on the first day due to traffic and the crying driving us crazy. Ended up being a six day trip. Never moving cats that far again!

    Jen G.

  12. We moved a lot as kids so I didn't want to move around. We've been in this house about 35 years & I plan on being here as long as possible. I hate moving - too stressful!

  13. We moved in 2019 from TX to PA. Lived down there for 35 yrs. or so. I was born and raised up here. Came up here to help my parents. I’d say, for us, the moving part wasn’t too bad. We got rid of most everything. Filled up one Upack pod, had it picked up and shipped here. Had my car shipped up and that was it. Pretty smooth and seamless really. The drive wasn’t bad at all. We’d driven up here and bqck at least a dozen times over the years so knew our route and a few short cuts too. The biggest thing for me was the culture shock. Not so much in a bad way. Just very different. Felt like, at times, I moved to another planet. It’s been a difficult acclimation. Finally getting there though. Hate the winters but then again I hated the summers down there. Pick your poison.
    Been a long time reader. Cant wait to read about your acclimating to the South.


  14. Jeffrey moved from Mississippi to New York decades ago, but that's the biggest move either of us have ever made. We plan to do one final move when we retire in 2026, but only to nearby Massachusetts or Pennsylvania. We are already preparing, and are under no illusion it will be easy or cheap. Glad the worst of it is over for you.

    1. PA would be more advantageous tax wise than MA. Good luck when the time comes.


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