Friday, June 19, 2020

Frugal Friday.....the June 19th Edition

And here's what I could find frugal for this past week spent down in Virginia..............

* I opted to take the ferry and avoid the heavy interstate traffic on a Friday into Hampton Roads........

Here I am in line in Jamestown as the ferry pulled in from Scotland Virginia.  A much nicer/relaxing way to get to my brother's house-riding a FREE ferry across the James River.

* Once we landed in Surry VA I found a place to gas up the Sonic that was .20¢ cheaper than all the other gas stations I've seen down here.  $1.59 per gal. as opposed to the $1.79 per gal. I am seeing down here.  Gas win for me! lol

* We hit Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap)on Sunday to use our 15% everything you buy discount flyer.
The only food I bought was this......

2 boxes of generic Rice Krispies at 75% off so .37¢ per box.  1 box is missing because I've been eating it for some breakfasts here. ;-)

That's not to say I didn't buy me some cheap books at Ollie's too(that's my cart in the foreground in the photo above). lolz

* Hubs said my $20 prepaid Visa card for "spending" $75 on Allergy meds at R-A arrived this week at home.
Go me.

* I found money!

I can't even remember where I found this penny but it's the oldest on the camera and I took it in the car so I am saying it was either at the 7-11 I stopped at on the way down to Chesapeake on Friday or at the Ollie's my brother took us to on Sunday

 A penny at Walmart in an aisle when I went with sister in-law food shopping.

And another penny when I picked up bagels at Panera.

 I found this penny under the floor mat in my sister in-law's car when we went out on Thursday to run errands.  I told her I was keeping it since she didn't seem to want ol' Abe and she said "knock yourself out!".

Then I found these two pennies on the way out of the R-A we pillaged visited on Thursday.  One was half tucked under the side of the floor mat leading out of the store and the other was just outside the store where the automatic sliding door leads into the foyer/cart area.  To pick it up I had to bend down right in the doorway so that my rear end was IN the store but the rest of me was OUT in the foyer.  Thankfully the door didn't try to close and hit me in the ass! lol

But the best "find" of the week was this quarter at Aldi's.  As sister in-law wheeled "our" cart to the  car to unload it I spied a cart not corralled and nobody in sight so I returned it and got the quarter from it.
Then I walked to our car and turned back to see my sister in-law just left "our" cart by the door with MY quarter still in it so I turned heals and walked "our" cart back to the corral so I could retrieve MY quarter from it.
I gave her a look of "What? You couldn't walk that cart 3 feet more and corral it?
Evidently many folks who shop here just leave carts with quarters in them all over this parking lot.  I told her we could make more serious bank just hanging out in this Aldi's parking lot working the cart money! 8-)

Found Money this week...... .31¢
Found Money this year so far.....$46.19

* Speaking of Panera--I went on Tuesday and got a Baker's Dozen bagels for the discount price on Tuesday and used my free with c/c points gift card to pay.  I did put a cash tip in the tip jar however.

*  When not sitting at my brother's house visiting or napping I've been hitting Rite-Aid stores 75% off clearance sales down here.

The Cascadian Farms cereal was $1.37 and had a $1 instant Q on it so .37¢.
The Knorr rice side was .49¢ and had a .50¢ instant Q on it so they paid me .01¢ to take it out of the store.
The 2 packs of lady Bic razors were $1.98 plus tax after Wellness disc. and $3/1 In-ad Qs and gave back $1 in Bonus Cash so .49¢ per back.
The Vitacup K-cups were $2.74 and I got $3 back on Ibotta for them so a .26¢ moneymaker.
The AdvilPM was $2.62 on clearance and had a $1 Peelie Q so $1.62.
The R-A brand Naproxene Sodium tablets were $1.94 on clearance.
The Gevalia K-cups were $2.12 and had a $1 instant Q so $1,12 for that box.
The Good Day melatonin chocolate sleep gummies were $3.99(75% off-not cheap even at that price but I wanted to try them.
And the 160 ct. Advil was $4.74(75% off).
I forgot to put the box of Pop-Tarts cereal in this picture-it was $1.24 marked down and also had a $1 instant Q on it was .24¢ for the box(Ex-CB will love this!)

I've gotten much more than this but I'm too busy with other issues right now to post more of my pillages. ;-)

* I also ended up being talked into going to an Estate Sale waaaay too early on Thursday.  Not much social distancing going on there although they only let 15 people in at a time.  I actually bought something there but you'll have to wait until I get home to hear/see that. ;-)

That's about it other than my sister in-law treated me to breakfast on Thursday after she dragged me to that Estate Sale.
Stay frugal out there!
Tell us about your frugal wins this past week.



  1. At the beginning of the day, an employee at Aldi's unlocks all the carts, keeps the quarters and puts the quarters back in at night. I went to Ollies. Where are the flyers?

  2. Aargh! The thoughts of going to an estate sale leave me shivering right now! I can't imagine going through all the crap we are sorting through just to buy something else. I did not even use my 15 percent off at Ollies for fear I would find one more thing to bring home. I am pulling things out right and left to throw in the estate sale when we finally have it. We are waiting for Son3 to come here so he can sift through and grab anything he wants. Son1 is kind of S.O.L. He is not claiming anything and will not be in town this year evidently, so other than my grandmother's sewing basket, a couple of table cloths and strand of pearls Dil1 wants, looks like they are getting nothing.

    1. I know the thought of buying stuff right now is stressful and I never go to Estate sales(or garage sales anymore)but I went to "bond" with sister in-law. She didn't buy anything(which is unusual for her)but the thing I got has special meaning to me and besides I got a really good deal too! Hang in there!!

  3. Oh we love the Williamsburg/Jamestown area, and we go almost every year, but I have never been on the ferry. Sounds fun and much better than interstate driving.
    Great deals! Our Rite-Aid closed several years ago :(
    Hope you are having a good visit and safe travels home

  4. Good deals as always! We don't have an Ollies near by and I am not sure if they are in Florida. Will have to Google that.

  5. I was hoping to read you found marshmallows chap and made some krispie bars-man I have been wanting to make them and still have marshmallows form last fall, but don't think about the cereal when shop. I need to do better looking for the deals so I can add to my donation bins. I admire that about your strategy especially on things that SNAP can't be used on but is so needed by families and individuals.

  6. You are one lucky lady, gas is 2.29 here:(

  7. We went to Kroger for the first time in over two weeks and spent $209. Didn’t seem too bad since it included two boxes of wine and a month’s supply of canned cat food. Preparing for the second wave with the most essential items. 😁

    Quite a few things didn’t ring up at the sale price but I wasn’t about to stand in the customer service line. Over half the customers were not wearing masks. My husband finally found some N95 masks on eBay but it’s awful trying to breathe through them.

    Jen G.


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