Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Stuff Lately

We've had good things and bad things going on here lately......

* Crazy weather!  Snow then temps up to 50F and now snow is on the way later night again.  AND it's suppose to hit 50F again this weekend....crazy and it's a wonder we aren't all sick!

* Last week the Brother in-law and Nephew's apartment had issues.  First their hot water heater sprung a leak and then their heat went out(both are gas appliances).  Nobody else had their heat out in the building but their unit.
So between nephew working and them running to the apartment to wait for workmen to show up they were living here for 2 days.  It's a good thing we had 2 spare beds right now, huh?
And that stack of pizzas I got for real cheap last week sure came in handy to feed extra mouths too.

* Hubs is finally back at work, working from home as he isn't cleared yet to return to the office by his doc.  He has his last physical therapy session the end of this week.  I suspect at his next appointment with the "saw bones" in a month he'll be cleared to return to the office.

If you hear a sonic boom at your house from the cartwheels I'll be turning, don't be alarmed. ;-)
This little episode has confirmed for me that once Hubs does retire he needs to find something to do away from the house!  Kim I just don't know how you stand it....*snort*

And moving to a one level house with a detached garage with an apartment space above it(meaning plumbing and electricity and heat)would be really, really peachy keen!!!
If I can't get him to be away from home with an activity at least with those accommodations I can persuade him to use that apartment space as his office/man cave/whatever and leave the house for hours at a time. 8-)

Even the Daughter has made comments that he is driving HER crazy and she isn't here for long stretches between part time work and school.  I am getting sympathy from her too about putting up with Hubs so I know it's "not me" here. lolz

* Besides just holding things together I've had a mission to reorganize our household files.
I've made great progress going through the files.
Here is pile of stuff I weeded out to pitch.

It filled two grocery bags.

Here is a stack of now empty folders/hanging files.

And here are the papers I still need to file.

This has taken me weeks!  The filing is Hubs' job and I don't think he's filed anything in over a year!!!

* I also have been sorting things in the garage.  Since Hubs' accident in early December I haven't been vigilant about putting groceries away much, meaning there were grocery bags strewn about the garage.  It got to a point where it was a big chore just to find anything out there when it came time to cook, so since the weather has been warmer lately I've gone out there to organize and actually empty grocery bags and put things away on the shelving.

* I also took out shipping boxes that have been piling up since the Holidays and burned them in our fire ring on Monday.  That's been wonderful to get those things out of here too.

* We are suppose to get snow late tonight into Thursday morning.  Hubs can't shovel snow now so it falls to me and Daughter to deal with and we both have back issues so we have to take it slow and careful.  It shouldn't be too bad when she has to leave for school in the morning but then it falls to me to clear the driveway before she gets home around 5pm.  I see a fair amount of Tylenol and shoveling in my future for tomorrow.  8-(

We just have to keep our heads down and push through to Spring and keep on keeping on.

And now you are caught up on the doings at Chez Sluggy.



  1. Imagine living and working from home with your spouse..I am so happy when he goes away on business! We do drive each other bananas once in a while so sometimes I just march out to a vehicle and drive away...anywhere but usually to my happy place which is the thrift store.

    1. I'd be going off alone too but in the Winter it's dicey some days leaving the mountain.

  2. Have you thought about hiring out the driveway snow removal? Around here, many lawn care services offer snow removal in the winter.

    1. The way it works around here is you have to subscribe to a plow person/ pay up front a flat fee for the whole season for snow removal. Depending on how much snow comes you either get a great deal, break even or get screwed. lol
      Nobody that I have found here does snow removal on a per event basis. It would be nice if one of our neighbors would offer or if they would blow us out for some cash but I am not on friendly terms with anyone I could get to do this for us. I guess I need to make more friends but after 17 years here I don't see that happening.
      And we aren't about to buy a snow blower now since we are leaving in a couple of years.

  3. Oh sluggy I feel your pain, but your hubby is so sweet, I can't imagine him driving you crazy... not!

  4. That is so nice of you guys to put up your BIL and nephew in their hour of need! Have you thought of opening a bed and breakfast??

  5. I am on the same page as Mrs. Moreless! I like to think of it as keeping the local economy going. In my entire life we have only had one snow that required shoveling. We did it but it was hard work. (Of course here you only have to wait 3 days max for the temps to be warm enough to thaw everything.

    1. Our driveway being step and paved is a plus sometimes when it comes to clearing it. Gravity is my friend. ;-)

  6. Every man needs a cave I think. Who wants to be around all that burping and farting!! Does he like woodworking? When my brother retired he set up a workshop separate from the house and has a nice side business selling birdhouses for $30-$40 a pop. And it keeps him out of trouble.

    1. Woodworking Workshop? We'd be buried in medical bills from his injuries. Hubs is NOT handy nor proficient with power tools. He's more of a book reader/chess player.
      But hey, if you can make some cash in retirement on your hobby that's great!

  7. I know I have a long list of things to keep me busy so if Hubs doesn't leave the house after retirement, I sure will some days. I lie your plan.That is good news about him being able to work-might occupy his brain and mellow out the demands on you.

    1. He is pretty low maintenance now and fully ambulatory so I am not the 'step and fetch it' help now.
      But he LOVES to talk and has to fill me in on what he is working on and what his colleagues are talking about, ad nauseum. I really don't want to hear most of it.

  8. The "Sonic Boom" paragraph is the funniest thing I have read in days! Thank You! Mine is planning to retire in two years - I feel your pain!

  9. Yuck, I had my fill of shoveling snow when I was growing up in Illinois. When it snows here in Tennessee, it is usually melted by afternoon. What could be better? LOL

    Sounds like you are getting nice and organized. That is such a great feeling. I love it when I can get boxes and such out of the house too.

  10. I am so glad that he is working even if it is from home. That tells me that he is getting so much better.

    Retirement is different than having him home immobile. You can do fun things in retirement.

    When we are home, I just keep a running list of things for Hubby to do around the house for me. It keeps him busy and keeps me happy. We will be retired almost two decades soon and I haven't killed him yet.

    I love to see you organizing. That way I know I am not the only one. It is such a sense of accomplishment when it is done.


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