Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wacky Weather Time

So it hit a record busting 74 degrees F yesterday in NE PA.  We've shattered record highs for February most of the last two weeks here.

Last night was a "LOW" of 61 degrees.
In late February people!
A high in the mid 30's in February is talked about as a HEAT WAVE most years here. lolz

Here is the granddog when I put her out early this afternoon.

Then we heard thunder in the distance....

Clouds were rolling in and then we got some sprinkles of rain.  It's still in the 60's at this point.

About 15 minutes after I brought the dog inside a racket broke out outside.
I ran to the front porch in time to see moderately sized hail stones coming down.....

The rain starting pouring down in sheets after another few seconds.

Can you make out the gutter pipe to the right on the edge of the porch is so inundated with water that it's gushing out through a seam and soaking the porch.

That little water spout is where the buried gutter spout pipe, that leads rain away from the foundation of the house comes up to the surface.  The water is rushing so fast that it's bubbling up from the pipe.

The rain picked up and the hail picked up and their was a stream rushing down our street....

Look at all that hail!

Here are two short videos I took of the storm.....

And later on......

It's 55F now and suppose to go down to 27F tonight.

Fun times.......



  1. Holy crap! We used to get hail/rain storms like that in Alberta but they were usually accompanied by tornadoes. And the hail was usually golf ball size so did major damage to cars. I am ok with just regular old rain.

  2. Yikes! I remember those hail storms in PA. They have them here too but I have yet to experience one.

  3. That does seem warm for February! The warmest few days we've had so far is 47 degrees. Today it's prettily snowing again LOL.

  4. Well the mega storm missed us, and we ended up with less than four inches of snow, but very cold again after the warmth last week. Freaky weather in lots of places it seems.

  5. Wow. When we lived in Texas we got hail like. But NEVER in our years in the northeast. The main reason I detested living in the northeast was the weather. I LOVE the climate of the south, southwest, but dh can't handle the heat. Our winters here are usually mild, like TD, but a lot longer. This year, though, the cold and gray has me yearning for heat and humidity...and tropical flowers, palm trees and jasmine. And call me crazy, but I love the lighting storms....nothing like that here on our island.

  6. Wow - I would have been scared with that hail!

  7. This weather has been crazy. We broke a record here in Buffalo with 71 temp. Then we woke up to snow yesterday morning covering the ground. Snow is gone but windy and cold today. I hate hail because it can do damage.


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