Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Advice Needed on Pricing

Since this weekend will be nice(finally!)I am getting things ready to list on my local F/B tag sale site.

Among what I want to sell are all these diaper packs..........

I was going to keep these until one of my kids needed them but that doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon.
Plus we now need to make room around here due to events happening later this Summer so they have to go.

Mostly I have size 3(with some 2, 4 & 5 also).
I haven't had a kid in diapers since about 1999 so what should I charge for a pack of these?
I know I'll be charging less than they sell for in the store but I can't go by what Rite-Aid regularly charges for these, which is an insane $12.49 per package.
So I need to know from you moms out there who buy diapers now, what do you pay for a package this size?

I was thinking $5 a package.....or should I go $6?  Thoughts?

I will also be offering some toiletries on the tag sale page too but I have a good handle on what to charge for those other items as I have sold them before.

Thanks in advance to anyone who offers a suggestion. 8-)



  1. Sorry dear, no clue on this one.
    How does it work? Do you meet someone in a parking lot to give them the stuff? I'm so far behind the times.

  2. I am a deal-seeking coupon mom :-), so it's hard for me to answer this too, as I get my diapers CHEAP, but I think $5 a pack is good for resale- I see them that price on some baby stuff sale FB pages I belong to.

  3. Usually, when I am trying to get rid of something, I make it as easy as possible. Of course, you want to make money on it, but if it is a matter of $5 or $6, I would go five, just because it is easier. Or you could say $6 each or 5 packs for $25. Less transactions = money in hand and more space quickly.

  4. If you have a Care Net Pregnancy Center, they love to get donations of diapers. They work with Moms in crisis, low income. They will give a reciept for a donation. Care Net is a nationwide nonprofit. Barbara

  5. I would go with Jennifer's suggestion $6 each or 5 for $25

  6. I would do the same and lump sell them. If not, then 6 bucks a package which is still an excellent deal. (I have not had one in diapers in nearly 2 decades but I buy occasionally for the granddaughter)

  7. I wouldn't bother trying to resell, but would donate. either way, you're helping a young parent out-can;t imagine having to buy them again even at sale prices.

    1. Ditto! It would be different if you really needed the money but clearly, you don't.

  8. Just popping over! I like the idea of selling them as a group sort of thing.

  9. So funny, I saw the picture and thought perhaps there was a grandbaby in your future :)


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