Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Little Musical Interlude

College Boy plays bass in two different bands....these are outside of the college bands he is in.

The Docile Sponge is the first band he was/is part of.  They formed it while he was still in high school and their music is alternative/heavy metal-ish.

The other band he is in is called The New Nowhere.  They formed up at college and have been playing a few gigs here and there.  Nothing involving making money yet. ;-)
Their music could be classified as indie/punk/pop.

 College Boy is on the left on bass, Blaine on drums, Steven on guitar/vocals.

Hubs and I went to hear them play on Sunday as it wasn't too far from here.
The venue is someone's old barn building in the middle of nowhere(fitting for The New Nowhere to play there, right? lol).

There were 5 or 6 bands slated to play that evening, starting at 6 pm.  Things were a bit disorganized so the bands didn't start actually playing until 7 pm.  We had hoped to stay and hear more of the bands but with the late start we left right after CB's band played because we wanted to leave before dark as we weren't confident of finding our what back out of there in the dark.
So we hung out with all the college aged indie music peeps, mostly from their college, for an hour before the show started.  I think one of the college kids who came to watch the show brought their mom but otherwise we were by far the oldest "kids" in the room.

I find this band's music a little more relatable than the other band he is in.
The tunes are more mainstream. however the lyrics are still filled with teenage/college angst.
Here are two of the songs from their set.

Performing "I Hate Last Summer"

Performing "You Can't Win Em All".
Their friend Brandon plays the trumpet on this one.
And excuse the large pole obstruction in this video which CB is hiding behind for most of the song. It's a very informal venue. lolz



  1. So glad CB knew how to dress for a grunge Indie garage band-love the flannel over the t-shirt and baggy shorts. They are pretty darn good!

  2. You might have been the oldest kids in the room but you were the most fun!

  3. Thanks for sharing these! They sound great!

  4. Very talented, nice to see him out having fun!


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