Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Precious

I've had my little purple Sonic now for just over 15 months now.

And it's mileage just passed the 10 thousand mile mark.

Yep, I don't do much driving compared to the mileage most folks put onto their cars.

At this rate the Sonic won't roll over 100 Thousand miles before it's 12.5 years old. ;-)

This could be the last car I ever buy......

We wont be taking it to the Reunion this year since we'll be hauling Eldest son and maybe the GF and it's kind of cramped for traveling with 4 adults.
But then again, Daughter wants to come visit and take me down to Fredericksburg in it to go visit her brother next weekend or the following weekend so it might get another road trip under it's belt before 2016 happens.

I know this is random but it's all my brain can come up with today. ;-)

Ok, time for lunch and then back to the garage to finish digging it out.



  1. Your precious is indeed just that. Precious and purple. Love it!

  2. Someone calls his black convertible "the precious' as well.

  3. I need a cute name for my car. For over 20 years I have called each car Lois.

  4. Jay drives about 4,000 miles per year, we just bought what am calling his last new car.


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